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Greetings, and welcome to our review of the best CS2 case opening websites! Today, we will discuss the many aspects that every site should have, make a small comparison of the best CS:GO sites, and tell you where you can open a couple of absolutely free cases.

What Are CS2 (CS:GO) Case Opening Sites?

Case opening emerged in the distant year of almost 2013. Valve came up with this concept a year after the release of CS:GO. Initially, case opening only existed in-game, but over time, websites began to offer their own opening services.

At first, there wasn’t much difference, maybe a slight price difference, but there was nothing significant at the time. Over time, case opening sites began to add various features, referral programs, and more, but the most important thing was custom cases.

Over time, more and more CS2 (CS:GO) case opening sites have appeared on the market, and now there are a significant number of them. These sites are now not only about opening cases, but also about exciting gameplay in case battles, participation in incredible raffles, various events where you can get a lot of free skins, and even whole blogs where the best CS2 (CS:GO) case opening site shares news and interesting things.

Are CS2 (CS:GO) Case Opening Sites Legit?

In fact, there are a few nuances hidden under this question, which we will discuss now. In general, CS2 (CS:GO) case opening sites can be considered completely legal since they are not casinos or some kind of roulette. Let’s think together.

Case opening sites are almost the same as in the game. They are just more interesting and diverse. No country has blocked CS2, and the whole world continues to play it, even with the presence of case opening in the game. The same can be interpreted for case opening sites.

They are legal and there should be no problems with them. However, you need to be careful, as some countries have special laws that apply only to websites, so be careful and if you see a warning before entering the website, please read it and draw your own conclusions.

How to Choose the Best CS2 (CS:GO) Case Opening Websites?

If you’ve decided to open an interesting case, then you have a very reasonable question: «Which site to choose from this variety?». We have a little help for you with this choice, namely the main criteria that will help you choose a site. We have been reviewing sites for a long time and know exactly what is important. If you’re interested in our review process, you can delve deeper into how we do our reviews.

You should pay attention to this if you are choosing a case opening site for yourself. So read carefully!

Licenses and Auditing

First, of course, pay attention to one very, very important indicator — the license, as sites that deal with case opening must have the appropriate licenses. It will not improve the user experience in any way. Still, it significantly increases the chances of winning, as you will know for sure that the site is reliable and verified.

Separately, we can highlight the following points that you should pay attention to:

  • Make sure the site is provably fair so that you can be sure of fair results that cannot be predicted (or manipulated) by third parties.
  • A reliable CS2 (CS:GO) case opening site must have a valid license from a reputable gambling authority such as Gibraltar, Curacao, Malta, Isle of Man, or any other reputable jurisdiction.
  • Review the details of the checks that confirm the integrity of the Provably Fair system so that you can be sure of a hassle-free and secure deposit and case opening.

Online Reputation

If you have checked the previous step and everything is fine, do not rush to top up your balance on the website right away, as the next step we will discuss will only take a few minutes.

Manually check the website on various review platforms. For example, the well-known Trustpilot platform is known for having reliable and honest reviews, and the company blocks all bots and verifies the accounts of all reviewers. On such platforms as Trustpilot, you can check any website for honesty and verify its online reputation.

Quality of Cases and Skins

After checking the website’s reputation and legitimacy, you can say that you trust the site and are ready to choose some cases to open. However, wait. Is it worth it? Will you get a good or valuable skin for $5? It is an important question, so be sure to check the quality of the cases and the skins they contain.

For example, take one of the first cases you see. Look at its price and the chances of getting this or that skin. Perhaps after looking at a few cases, you will find the best one for you.

Also, do not neglect to check the prices for similar cases on other sites, as the price is different for everyone, and some sites have good discounts at all, maybe what you are looking for will be at a discounted price on another site.

Bonuses and Daily Free Offers

If you want to get the most out of the CS2 (CS:GO) case opening, then be sure to read this section, as it covers promotions and bonus offers. As everyone knows, promotions are not only a sales tool but also a real benefit for the user, i.e. you and me.

First, to maximize your profit from case openings, check if the site has a welcome bonus. Such bonuses are often given for registration, adding the site name to your Steam account, or something like that. Evaluate how profitable this is and whether it will be enough to open at least one case. If you have time, of course, check this information on other sites as well.

Also, pay attention to events and discounts that are in effect for certain cases. Usually, during special events, sites give pleasant bonuses that can give free cases or account balances. Of course, check if the site has a daily free case, promo codes, and giveaways, as this will be your main income in addition to replenishing your balance.

Online Security

It is also crucial to ensure that the website implements robust online security measures, including SSL certificates, encryption, DDoS protection, and a 2FA authentication system. You may even want to inquire with customer support whether there is a dedicated online security team in place to safeguard you, your funds, and your information.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

If you plan to top up your account, choosing a convenient platform is also important since deposit methods are almost identical for almost everyone. However, the withdrawal options are quite diverse on each site.

Some CS2 (CS:GO) case opening sites can send your unused funds or funds for a cool skin that you dropped on the site to you using cryptocurrency, to a bank card, or simply to some account, but many sites really do not have such an opportunity, and they have only one function available — withdrawal skins to the Steam account. It is not very convenient, so pay attention to this as well.

Customer Support Service

Pay close attention to customer support, as it is the face of the website. After all, in our opinion, online support is one of the main factors that build trust in the site, as you can always ask a staff member any question.

Pay attention to the following:

  • Customer support is available 24/7
  • Customer support is prominently displayed
  • Customer support is not available through email but in real-time
  • Customer support is polite and ready to help with any question.

How To Open CS2 (CS:GO) Cases?

CS2 (CS:GO) case opening is a breeze if you’ve followed the preliminary steps we’ve discussed. All that’s left is to fund your balance with skins, a card, or even cryptocurrency if you have a wallet.

Next, select the case that contains the skins you desire. You can choose any case, but discounted cases offer additional savings opportunities. Once you’ve chosen the desired case, simply click on it or the «Open» button. The final step is to relish your fantastic drop. After all, you deserve it!

Most Profitable Cases to Open

We have prepared the five best CS2 cases with the highest profitability indicators for you, and from them, you will definitely get as many valuable skins as possible.

  • Kilowatt Case
  • Weapon Case 2
  • Weapon Case 3
  • Operation Wildfire Case
  • Esports Winter 2013 Case

Why are these CS2 cases profitable? It’s simple — they have the best content that is in demand, and the price-to-drop ratio that you get is the best among all. For example, Weapon Case 2, its price is $14.20 + $2.49 price of the key. But if you open it 10 times, you are almost guaranteed to get skins for 76.45% of your spending. And this does not count the fact that you may get something incredibly rare.

Where can you open Kilowatt Case or Weapon Case 2? Actually, on almost any site, but be careful, some sites have not yet added Kilowatt Case to their list, but you can find others there.

Platforms where you will find what you are looking for:

Top CS2 (CS:GO) Case Opening Site?

After scouring the internet for the best CS2 (CS:GO) case opening sites, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 and highlighted their key features.

HellCase deserves the top spot, as any user registered on HellCase knows they can get incredibly cool emotions from constant large raffles, interesting events, and incredibly cool drops here. And if you want to learn more, read this full review.

Looking for a reliable and easy-to-use website? Then DatDrop is the perfect solution for you! With a long-standing presence in the market, a user-friendly interface, and daily bonuses, it’s the ideal choice for beginners! Find out more in our DatDrop review here.

If you’re looking for a place to have fun, then CSGOLuck is the place for you. CSGOLuck offers an incredible variety of games, including crash, towers, slots, and more. You can find all the details about the CSGOLuck review here.

GGDROP — the place where you will find many interesting custom cases with great design and cool skins, a place that is always imbued with magic and entertainment. It is what you can say about this site because its events and design are impressive. Discover more in the GGDROP review!

CSGO.NET is a great website with a number of cases ranging in price from $0.1 to $1000. With so many options, there’s sure to be a perfect case for every user. So, if you’re looking for variety, CSGO.NET is the place to go! You can learn more about CSGO.NET’s full review here.

Where Can I Open CS:GO Cases for Free?

Many users know that almost all CS2 (CS:GO) case opening websites offer free cases. Let’s consider below whether they are good, how to get them, and whether it’s worth it.

Free Cases on CS2 Sites

Let’s consider not a specific website but a system in general. Almost all websites have free cases, and you usually need to take some actions to get them. We all understand that nothing is free, so instead of paying real money, you «pay» with your actions.

For example, subscribing to the news, putting a photo of yourself with the company logo, changing your name, or inviting friends are all actions that cost you nothing. Still, for the company, it’s real advertising. After all, brand awareness and being constantly in front of other people gives the site a better chance of being visited.

For such simple actions, you can get good prizes. For example, some CS2 sites allow you to open one free case every day. It’s true that the prizes there are very average, but it’s still better than nothing. Over time, with such prizes, you can save up for one normal case.

For example, there are also free cases for inviting friends through a referral program or subscribing. These are all different, but usually, such cases are not very valuable.

Case Opening Simulator

Suppose you don’t want to open free cases and go in for several days in a row to get some funds to open one cheap case. We offer you an interesting mechanic that is available on some sites. The case opening simulator is exactly the same as the case opening.

The only nuance is that you will not get the skin, but you don’t have to pay anything either; you can just try how it happens, understand the process, and maybe evaluate whether you really want to take a risk. This method can help you make up your mind or just get cool emotions.

If you’re in search of a top-notch CS2 (CS:GO) case opening site, remember to follow our tips or check out the top five we’ve highlighted. Wherever you decide to open cases, always keep in mind that Miss Fortune might just smile at you!

Should you have any recommendations for websites that we should review, please do not hesitate to share them with us.