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Suppose you’re into the thrill of cracking open cases in search of rare collectibles. In that case, GGDROP is one of the best case-opening sites you can try. The platform offers a solid mix of standard and exclusive CS2 cases, exciting game modes, and plenty of bonuses to keep things interesting.

We put GGDROP to the test to bring you this in-depth review. Let’s dive in and explore all that GGDROP has to offer!


  • Provably Fair: yes
  • Sign-in options: Steam
  • Contact support: [email protected]
  • Trustpilot score: N/A (broke Trustpilot guidelines)

Platform Uniqueness

GGDROP distinguishes itself through limited-edition exclusive cases, unique event game modes, and community engagement. Here are the unique features that GGDROP offers:

Limited Cases: There are partner cases on GGDROP dedicated to a particular CS2 player, streamer, content maker, and other notable personas who are GGDROP partners. Each case costs $130, and are only 50,000 available for each.

Here is an example of the GGDROP Partner Case content.

Gold Rush: Gold Rush cases have the potential to drop silver or gold coins. Silver coins increase a shared prize pool, and the player who snags a gold coin wins 50% of that pool! The remaining 50% is split amongst players who received silver coins within the last hour.

Bonuses & Promotions

While GGDROP doesn’t offer a standard daily bonus, there are many other ways to get rewards. You can visit GGDROP’s social media for promo codes, participate in the «Guess the Card» game, and don’t miss out on the exciting prizes and opportunities offered during seasonal and themed events.

  • Regular and seasonal promotional events.
  • A generous bonus system.
  • Creative ways to get bonuses.
  • There is no daily free bonus.
  • Sales are infrequent or non-existent.

Let’s discover all the ways you can get bonuses on GGDROP.

Promo Codes

Keep an eye on GGDROP’s social media channels and email newsletters. These are the prime spots for discovering new promo codes. Once you have a code, enter it in the designated field on the GGDROP website to claim your reward. Promo codes can offer free cases, balance bonuses, or other perks to enhance your case-opening experience.

Guess the Card

GGDROP’s «Guess the Card» offers a simple but fun way to score some prizes with a straightforward 50-50 chance of winning. You’ll see two cards, one featuring a Counter-Terrorist, and your task is to guess which card hides the CT agent correctly. Before you play, customize your GGDROP profile with an avatar and add «GGDROP.COM» to your Steam nickname.

Players can top up their balance to gain levels (1 XP = $1 spent), and higher levels unlock more significant potential rewards.


To enter the daily GGDROP lottery, deposit at least $1 into your GGDROP account and click the «Participate» button. That’s your lottery ticket. Your chances of winning depend on the total number of participants. 10 lucky winners will each receive a $15 bonus on the site.


GGDROP’s Wheel offers the chance to snag exciting rewards like bonus balance and free cases. You get a free spin every three days, but there are two ways to get more spins. You can either enter a secret code or deposit $10 to spin again right away.

Possible rewards:

  • Bonus to your balance
  • A case for making a deposit
  • A free case
  • Discount on cases
  • A skin for making a deposit
  • A free skin

If you don’t use a bonus, it will be replaced when you spin the wheel again. Bonuses from the wheel and deposit promo codes don’t stack.


GGDROP regularly holds seasonal and promotional events featuring themed cases, exclusive game modes, and valuable prizes. When we were checking out GGDROP, the Winter Adventures Event was in full swing.

Snow Battle Mode

Deposit any amount to earn Skin Points (SP), with 1 SP earned for each $1 deposited, and use your SP to throw snowballs and compete for top prizes. You could win exclusive skins, bonus balance, or other cool case-opening goodies.

Winter Marathon Mode

Think of this mode as a CS-themed scavenger hunt. Complete specific missions (like opening certain cases, winning in other game modes, etc.) to earn rewards and climb the leaderboard. Each mission has a corresponding prize, getting increasingly valuable as you progress.

The players in the top 100 positions on the leaderboard will receive prize money directly credited to their GGDROP account.

Case Discounts

While we didn’t find any specific case sales during our review of GGDROP, there are still ways to snag a discount. The GGDROP Wheel is your chance to land a case discount, among other potential rewards. You can also check GGDROP’s social media and website for announcements about upcoming sales or special promotions where case discounts might be offered.

GGDROP Game Modes

While the traditional case-opening experience is the heart of GGDROP, the platform also offers popular game modes, including Contracts, Upgrade, and Battles. GGDROP doesn’t feature highly innovative or exclusive game modes for those seeking something entirely different.

  • Straightforward classic game modes.
  • Extensive collection of CS2 cases.
  • High-quality graphics and art.
  • Lacks unique game modes.

Case Opening

The case opening mode on GGDROP is the classic – choose your cases and cross your fingers.

The platform has a lot of cases dedicated to pop culture: memes, movies, anime, and other video games. Here are all types of weapon cases you can find on GGDROP:

Mystery Cases

These GGDROP cases offer an element of surprise, as no one knows their content. Their price can change, and the contents remain a secret, potentially containing anything from rare skins to site bonuses.

Seasonal Cases

Limited-edition cases that capture the spirit of holidays and special events.


A collection of exclusive CS2 cases made in collaboration with CS2 pro players and content creators who partnered up with GGDROP. Each case costs $130, and the amounts are limited.

Limited Series

GGDROP releases exclusive cases with limited openings, making the skins inside extra collectible. Some cases have a 100,000 openings limit, others – 5,000,000. Most cases are under $1, but you can find cases that cost $20.

The most popular cases are the $1-worth Doge Case, opened 3,489,155 times (5,000,000 limit), and the DeLorean Case, opened 13,152,717 times (20,000,000 limit).

Premium Cases

These GGDROP cases contain valuable rare CS2 skins with a certain wear level from Battle-Scarred to Factory New.

Bum Cases

A selection of ultra-affordable cases for those looking for a quick and inexpensive case-opening thrill. The price range of these cases is $0.49 to $1.79.

Annual Collections

GGDROP cases featuring skins released in specific years offer a nostalgic look back at the Counter-Strike history.

Bundle Cases

These cases feature skens for specific weapons or item types. Players can find cases dedicated to gloves, music kits, StatTrak™ skins, and more.

Standard Cases

For those who prefer the authentic in-game experience, GGDROP offers cases that directly match the contents of official CS2 drops.


GGDROP’s Contracts game mode lets you take a gamble on upgrading the CS2 skins that you own. Think of it as a trade-in system. Here’s how it works:

  1. Select unwanted skins from your inventory that you’re willing to part with.
  2. Create a contract with selected items.
  3. Roll the dice and receive a random skin in return.

The new skin could be of higher value, the same value, or potentially lower value than the ones you traded in. You can either have your new skin delivered by GGDROP’s bot or instantly sell it back to the site for its Steam market price.


Select a skin from your inventory that you’re willing to risk upgrading. Then, browse the list of available skins and choose one of a higher value you’d like to try and win. If you’re lucky, you’ll end up with the higher-value skin! If not, you’ll lose the skin you put into the upgrade.

The bigger the price difference between your skin and your target skin, the lower your chances of a successful upgrade. You can increase your chances of success by adding balance to the upgrade attempt instead of just using your skin.

The Upgrade mode on GGDROP is a high-risk, high-reward gamble. It’s a chance to transform a less valuable skin into something truly extraordinary, but be prepared for the possibility of losing your initial skin.


GGDROP’s Battles mode adds a competitive twist to case opening by putting you against 1-3 other players in a real-time competition. Everyone involved opens cases simultaneously, and the player who unboxes the most valuable skin (based on market price) wins the battle.

Battles can have several rounds, with the overall winner determined by the total score. Battles are an exciting way to test your luck directly against other players and potentially snag some awesome skins in the process.

GGDROP Top Items & Cases

The most expensive case on GGDROP is the Souvenir Case. It costs $1,699 and features a selection of very rare and valuable CS2 weapon skins and Katowice 2014 stickers.

Here’s a complete item breakdown:

ItemChance (%)
Sticker | Reason Gaming0.439
Sticker | Titan0.440
Sticker | iBUYPOWER0.605
Souvenir Desert Eagle | Fennec Fox0.699
Bayonet | Gamma Doppler0.792
Glock-18 | Fade0.795
Sticker | LGB eSports0.882
Sticker | Natus Vincere0.928
M4A1-S | Knight1.071
AK-47 | Hydroponic1.128
M4A1-S | Hot Rod1.318
AWP | Dragon Lore1.402
AK-47 | Wild Lotus1.440
MP9 | Wild Lily1.659
Desert Eagle | Blaze1.942
M4A1-S | Icarus Fell1.997
Negev | Mjölnir2.106
AWP | Fade2.199
M4A4 | Howl2.360
AWP | Medusa2.448
AK-47 | Gold Arabesque2.474
M4A1-S | Welcome to the Jungle3.052
M4A4 | Poseidon3.830
AK-47 | X-Ray3.867
AWP | Desert Hydra4.071
Butterfly Knife | Ultraviolet4.394
M4A1-S | Imminent Danger4.473
Bowie Knife | Gamma Doppler4.928
P90 | Emerald Dragon5.440
Stiletto Knife | Slaughter6.000
AK-47 | Fire Serpent7.264
AUG | Akihabara Accept7.614
Specialist Gloves | Marble Fade7.910
Sport Gloves | Nocts8.033

Interesting Cases List

Cheapest PicksHigh Risk, High RewardMost Popular
Eco Case
Tactical Case
Prime Case
Minimal Wear
Factory New
Premium Knife
Golden Knife

Safety & Legality: Is GGDrop Legit?

Wondering if GGDROP is a legit platform? Let’s figure it out! GGDROP is provably fair. The “Provably Fair” algorithm verifies the randomness of each case opening, ensuring that every player has an equal chance to win. This system also prevents any manipulation of results, guaranteeing a fair and unpredictable experience.

The Provably Fair mechanism uses three key variables (Server seed, Client seed, and Nonce) to calculate the outcome of each case opening. This calculation happens before the case is opened, and you can view it immediately afterward.

Some users have reported difficulties with deposits and withdrawals on review platforms like Trustpilot. It’s essential to remember that all CS2 case-opening platforms carry an element of risk. Please proceed with caution and research each platform thoroughly before investing significant funds.

Payment & Withdrawal Methods

Players can top up their GGDROP balance using various deposit methods, from credit cards to crypto. Minimum deposit amounts and potential fees vary depending on your chosen payment method. For instance, Visa has a low $1 minimum, while Ethereum requires a higher $30 deposit.

Check the GGDROP website for the most up-to-date list of supported payment methods, fees, and limits before making your first deposit.

GGDROP claims that the delivery of the items won is guaranteed, provided Steam operates normally, and the item is available on the market.

GGDROP User Journey

Getting started on GGDROP is easy, and you can use your existing Steam account:

  • Connect Your Steam Account: Click the «Sign in via Steam» button and follow the simple Steam login process.
  • Set Up Your Trade URL: Navigate to your account page and enter your Steam Trade URL to allow GGDROP to send you the skins you win.
  • Top Up Balance: Choose your preferred method to add funds to your GGDROP account. You can use traditional payment methods or even trade in unwanted CS2 skins.

That’s it! Now, you’re ready to start opening cases on GGDROP. So, what’s next? Continue reading our GGDROP review to find out more about the platform.

  • Clean and visually pleasing UI.
  • Live technical support chat on the website.
  • Engaging in social media activity.
  • Needs a more complex case filtering system.

User Interface and Usability

GGDROP delivers great player experiences with a visually appealing and well-designed user interface. The website boasts a clean, modern look with subdued colors and eye-catching case artwork. Subtle animations add a touch of dynamism.

Finding your way around is generally intuitive, with clear menus and options. GGDROP adapts seamlessly to different screen sizes, ensuring smooth performance across devices. We couldn’t find a dedicated mobile app, but the mobile version of the website is more than enough for on-the-go gamers.

However, the case filtering system on GGDROP is limited. You can only filter cases by price or search for specific cases by name. Overall, GGDROP offers an attractive and user-friendly interface, with a minor point of improvement being the expansion of case filtering options.

Customer Support

GGDROP has a Technical Support live chat on the website. Alternatively, you can reach the support team by emailing [email protected].

We found the response times impressively fast: an agent connected in less than a minute during our test. Wait times may vary based on the time of day and volume of inquiries.

Important Note: If you encounter any difficulties with deposits, withdrawals, or other account issues, document everything carefully. Screenshots, timestamps, and clear communication will be helpful if you need to escalate a support request.

Community Engagement & SMM

GGDROP maintains an active presence across almost every popular social media platform: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok. Expect a mix of entertaining memes and game highlights on TikTok and Instagram, while Facebook and Twitter focus on giveaways, updates, and valuable promo codes.

On GGDROP’s YouTube channel, you can find videos dedicated to the careers of professional CS2 players, case showreels, and highlights from various events. Regarding their social media activity, GGDROP seems invested in building a community around their platform and rewarding followers with various content and promotions.

GGDROP Glossary

  • Wheel: A feature where you can spin the bonus wheel to win prizes like bonus balance, complimentary cases, discounts, and skins. You get a free spin every three days, with the option to skip the wait using a secret code or by making a deposit.
  • Lottery: Players can enter the daily lottery by depositing at least $1. Ten lucky winners receive a $15 bonus.
  • Partner Cases: Exclusive cases created in collaboration with popular CS2 streamers and pro players.
  • Contracts: A game mode where you can trade in unwanted CS2 skins for a chance to receive a different, potentially more valuable skin.
  • Upgrade: Try to transform a lower-value skin into a higher-value one. The more significant the value difference, the lower your chances of success. You can boost your odds by adding funds.
  • Battles: Real-time case-opening competitions against other players. The player who unboxes the most valuable skin wins.
  • Mystery Cases: Cases with fluctuating prices and unknown contents. They offer a true gamble, potentially hiding anything from rare skins to site bonuses.
  • Bum Cases: Ultra-affordable cases for those seeking quick, budget-friendly case-opening thrills.

Our Rating

GGDROP delivers a solid case-opening experience with some highlights and a few areas for improvement.

Support: 4.5/5
Bonuses: 4/5
User Experience: 4.5/5
Safety: 4/5
Game modes: 4/5

Total score: 4.2/5

The platform has responsive and helpful customer service and many bonuses but lacks a regular daily freebie. A Provably Fair system is in place, but some user concerns were reported. Also, GGDROP has a decent selection of game modes but could benefit from more unique options.


Yes, you can withdraw winnings from GGDROP. However, withdrawals are limited to CS2 skins.

GGDROP doesn’t offer a traditional subscription model.

Response times can vary. Based on user reviews and our limited test, live chat offers the fastest response, while email inquiries might take longer.

If you need help withdrawing, double-check that you’ve met any wagering requirements associated with bonuses. If the issue persists, contact GGDROP support.

Sadly, GGDROP doesn’t offer a regular daily freebie. Watch for special promotions, or try the Wheel for free spins.

GGDROP is one of the best CS2 case-opening websites, offering a variety of cases, game modes, and promotions.

Yes! Case opening is the core of GGDROP’s platform.

Case battles are real-time competitions where you open cases simultaneously against other players. The player who unboxes the most valuable skin wins.

You’d unlikely be banned from using GGDROP unless you violate their Terms of Service.

Final Words

If you’re looking for a platform with a diversity of exclusive cases, generous promotions, and flawless UI, GGDROP is definitely worth exploring.

While the platform has its strengths, potential drawbacks should be considered. The absence of a daily freebie might disappoint those who enjoy regular rewards. Additionally, user reports about deposit and withdrawal difficulties raise concerns. It’s crucial to research these issues thoroughly before committing significant funds.

However, prioritize responsible play, understand the inherent risks of any case-opening platform, and manage your expectations accordingly. Happy gaming!

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