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If you are searching for a provably fair CS2 case-opening website with exclusive game modes, we recommend checking out DatDrop. Launched in 2016, it became a popular platform among CS2 skin lovers because of its exciting Battle Royale mode and robust security measures.

We tried playing on DatDrop ourselves to fill this review with rich insights into one of the popular CS2 case opening sites, focusing on its game modes, bonus systems, and the overall experience it offers to players. Check it out to make a knowledgeable decision on whether DatDrop is the best CS2 case opening platform for you.

  • Provably Fair: yes
  • Sign-in options: Steam
  • Contact support: [email protected]
  • Trustpilot score: 4.4
  • Transparent and fair gaming with a provably fair system
  • Unique game modes
  • Responsible gaming policies
  • Lack of live support chat
  • No money withdrawal methods
  • No localization
  • Some users may find the interface complex

DatDrop Platform Uniqueness

Regarding functionality, DatDrop is not a prominent standout among CS2 case-opening platforms.

It offers CS2 cases, case battles, and the upgrader mode.

However, a few things about DatDrop still differentiate the platform from the competitors. Let’s take a look:

  • DatPoints: A unique currency system that acts as a reward mechanism and a way to access exclusive content. Accumulate DatPoints by playing on DatDrop to unlock special cases or boost your main balance.
  • Battle Royale: Experience intense, tournament-style action. In this mode, up to 72 players compete in head-to-head case battles. Winners advance, collect more significant drops, and ultimately fight for the grand prize.
  • Royal Race: A weekly game event that rewards the most active DatDrop players.
  • Provably Fair: DatDrop prioritizes transparency and ensures drops are genuinely random and can be verified.

DatDrop understands the importance of players’ well-being, which is why it offers these features:

  • «Take a Break»: DatDrop promotes self-regulation by directly empowering users to set deposit limits or temporary account restrictions, helping combat unhealthy gambling habits.
  • Disabling Live Drop: Don’t want to see constant updates of other players’ wins? Avoid potential FOMO (fear of missing out) by quickly toggling off the distracting «Live Drop» ticker.

Bonuses & Promotions

Okay, let’s talk perks! DatDrop wants to keep you engaged and rewarded with various bonuses and promotional programs.

Whether you’re inviting friends to try this CS2 case-opening website or actively playing to earn DatPoints, there are ways to score extra drops and boost your balance.

Let’s learn more about DatDrop promo and bonuses.

Referral System: Earn Extra by Inviting Friends

DatDrop wants you to spread the word, and they’ll reward you for it. Their partner program lets you earn a percentage of every deposit your referrals make on the site. This percentage starts at 1% and can go up to 10% based on how much your referrals deposit in total.

To boost your reach, you can get your unique referral link and promo code to share on social media, websites, YouTube, and Twitch.

Here are some key things to remember about the program:

  • Your promo code gives new users a +5% deposit bonus (capped at $250 per 24 hours), making it appealing for your friends to sign up.
  • You can customize your promo code (with DatDrop’s approval) to make it easy to remember.
  • Referrals aren’t locked in forever – they can switch whose code they use before depositing.
  • To withdraw your referral earnings, you’ll need to meet specific requirements based on the number of active referrals you have.

DatDrop does have some restrictions in place. The referral deposit bonus has a daily limit, deposits made with gift cards don’t earn you a percentage, and they take steps to prevent users from abusing the system.

DatPoints: the Unique Currency

DatPoints are reward points you rack up by actively playing on DatDrop. This unique currency is the key to unlocking extra cash on the platform.

Also, these are exclusive cases on DatDrop that you can only open using – you guessed it – DatPoints.

To get DatPoints, you can open cases, participate in case battles, and play the «Upgrade» mode. Basically, each time you spend your balance, the platform rewards you with a certain amount of bonus points.

DatDrop Free Cases: Get Free CS2 Skins Daily

Over the history of DatDrop, the total amount awarded from the daily free cases has already gone over $4,000,000. The Free Cases system on DatDrop works as level-based access to daily free cases, where your level determines the value of the free case you can open.

Starting from Level 1 at $3 to Level 5 at $100, each level unlocks free DatDrop cases with increasingly valuable drops.

To access free CS2 cases, you must link and follow DatDrop’s Twitter account for over 24 hours.

DatDrop Giveaways

DatDrop keeps the winnings flowing with Hourly, Daily, and Weekly giveaways. Here’s the entry breakdown:

  • Hourly Giveaway: Deposit at least $5 for a chance to win every hour.
  • Daily Giveaway: Make a $10 deposit for the opportunity at daily prizes.
  • Weekly Giveaway: The biggest draw – deposit $20 for a shot at weekly winnings.

Every player who meets the requirements gets a chance to win a randomly selected reward in the form of a CS2 skin.

Case Discounts

During our review, we encountered no direct case discounts on DatDrop. These sales may be infrequent or non-existent on this CS2 case-opening website.

Here’s a way to stay prepared: Add your most-desired cases to your «Favorites» list. Regularly checking these case pages offers the fastest way to spot an unexpected sale. You can also browse the site regularly to see if a usually high-priced case suddenly costs less.

DatDrop Game Modes

DatDrop understands that sometimes you want more than just opening cases, and that’s why they offer a range of unique game modes. Battle other players for case-opening supremacy, try boosting the value of your CS2 inventory or participate in exhilarating competitions for even greater rewards.

  • Unique Mechanics (Battle Royale, Royal Race)
  • Focus on gamer’s well-being
  • Bot integration for faster games
  • Not an easy learning curve for beginners

Case Opening

Let’s face it: this is why most users are on DatDrop — to crack open those CS2 cases and add new valuable CS2 skins to their inventories! Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new to the action, DatDrop likely has the cases you’re after.

  • King Cases: Become the King of the Case royalty! Earn a percentage back with each opening, AND compete for the ultimate King Prize.
  • Come & Go Cases: These limited-time, seasonal collections feature a rotating selection of in-demand drops.
  • Hall of Fame Cases: Discover high-value drops and cases dedicated to famous CS2 content makers.
  • Popular Cases: See what’s hot! This category showcases the most-opened cases on the site.
  • Weapons Cases: Love a specific CS2 weapon? Find dedicated cases filled with skins for your favorite firearm.
  • Original Cases: This category features original in-game cases.

DatDrop has a wide variety of cases to satisfy your skin-hunting desires.


Feeling lucky? DatDrop’s «Upgrade» mode lets you trade up existing skins (or use your balance) for a shot at something even more valuable. To try, you need to select the skins from your DatDrop inventory (or use DatDrop balance in addition to (or instead of) your skins input.

By selecting skins to upgrade and choosing a target item, players can attempt an upgrade with a «Roll under» or «Roll over» option for a chance at success. The fairness of each upgrade can be verified through DatDrop’s Provably Fair system, ensuring transparency and trust in the process.

Success in an upgrade attempt results in obtaining a higher-value item, while failure leads to losing the initial input. Each upgrade’s fairness can be verified through DatDrop’s Provably Fair system, ensuring transparency.

PVP (Case Battle)

The DatDrop PVP (Case Battle) mode is an intense multiplayer experience where players engage in case battles, with the core rule being «winner takes all».

Participants create battles, choosing between public and private settings, and select the number of players and battle modes like «Equality,» «Team Battle,» and «Crazy» modes. Each mode has unique rules for distributing winnings.

  • Public Battle: Open for any user to join, fostering broad participation.
  • Private Battle: Accessible only via a direct link for exclusive competition.
  • Equality Mode: Winnings are evenly distributed among all players, promoting fairness.
  • Team Battle: Teams compete, with the winning team’s members sharing the rewards equally.
  • Crazy Mode: The player with the lowest total drop wins, adding an exciting twist to the strategy.

In DatDrop case battles, bots function as fillers for empty slots, ensuring games can proceed without delays. They operate under the same Provably Fair rules as human players, making them indistinguishable regarding fairness and chance.
Bots are easily identifiable by their avatars and «bot» indicators. Players can summon bots to join battles, enhancing the gameplay experience by avoiding wait times for human players to join. This feature is handy for keeping the game’s pace and engagement high.

Sponsored games on DatDrop allow users to host battles by covering some or all of the game costs for other participants. These battles are private and can only be joined via a unique link the sponsor shares.

Sponsored games offer additional settings, such as restricting entry to users using a specific partner code or creating battles without the sponsor’s participation. However, «Equality» and «Team Battle» modes are not available in sponsored games, and there are limits on how many sponsored games a user can join daily.

Battle Royale

DatDrop’s Battle Royale mode takes case opening to a whole new level! This tournament-style experience pits 4-72 players against each other in a series of head-to-head (or even 3-way) case-opening battles.

Winners advance through multiple rounds, with each victory adding not only your winnings to your haul but also the most valuable drops from your defeated opponents. Even players knocked out early don’t leave empty-handed – everyone gets a prize!

For high rollers, the «All or Nothing» Battle Royale mode takes the intensity up a notch on DatDrop. In this mode, the final victor walks away with the entire game’s worth of drops.

To keep the action flowing, DatDrop uses bots to fill empty slots in Battle Royale matches. Players have a say in when bots join – a majority vote is required to «Call Bots» into a game. You can even enable «Automatically agree to play with bots» in your settings if you want the fastest possible game start.

Royal Race

The Royale Race at DatDrop is a weekly event designed to reward the most active Battle Royale players with a chance to participate in a free game.

It starts every Friday, and players’ actions contribute to a collective budget during the event. The Royal Race budget affects the game’s item content and the number of participants.

Players climb the leaderboard by participating actively, and their position determines their entry into the final Royale Race game. This event combines competition and community engagement, resulting in a thrilling part of the DatDrop experience.

DatDrop Top Items and Cases

Interesting Cases List:

Cheapest PicksHigh Risk, High RewardMost Popular

Safety & Legality: Is DatDrop Legit?

If you are here, we assume that you might wondering if Datdrop is a legit platform, so let’s check out. DatDrop emphasizes both the fairness of its games and the protection of user data. Here’s what you need to know:

Provably Fair System

DatDrop uses a «Provably Fair» system to ensure case openings, battles, and upgrades are based on verifiable random outcomes.

  • How it Works: A complex combination of factors (server seed, client seed, nonce) generates a random number to determine results. DatDrop provides a detailed breakdown on their site if you want a technical explanation.
  • User Verification: Clicking «Verify Roll» on an item within your inventory lets you independently check that the results were legitimate.

Data Privacy

DatDrop states that your personal information will not be shared with third parties unless essential for account processing or required by law. You have the right to access and request changes to the data DatDrop holds on you.

Additional Notes

DatDrop mentions using cookies (typical on most websites). Users can typically disable these in their browser settings, but that could impact site functionality. DatDrop may, with your consent, send you updates about platform changes or promotions.

We hope you found an answer to your «Is Datdrop Legit?» question. Keep reading the review to learn more information about this platform.

Payment & Withdrawal Methods

DatDrop aims to accommodate player preferences with the payment and withdrawal methods offered.

Minimum deposits range from $1 to $10, while maximum deposits range from $1,000 to $1200, depending on the chosen method. If you deposit CS2 skins, no minimum or maximum deposit restrictions apply. Direct Steam withdrawal allows you to add new items to your inventory quickly.

See details below.

DatDrop User Journey

In this section, you will find information about what it’s like to use DatDrop, including an overview of its interface, social media account, and much more.

User Interface & Usability

DatDrop’s homepage has too much going on. The interface can feel visually overwhelming, hindering a smooth user experience.

All cases are hidden below several website sections: the «Live Drops» ticker, «Hourly Giveaway», and «Royal Race». This layout forces users to scroll to find what they likely came for in the first place – opening cases. This gets in the way of a good experience.

Additionally, the mobile website needs refinement. Certain UI elements don’t scale appropriately for smaller screens and can introduce layout issues or incorrect touch interactions. While the mobile site is usable, a dedicated mobile app would likely provide a significantly smoother experience for one-the-go gamers.

  • Well-thought animation and hover effects
  • Straightforward sign-in process
  • Cluttered interface
  • Semioptimal mobile experience
  • No dedicated mobile app
  • Very few filters
  • Not multilingual

Community Engagement & SMM

DatDrop maintains a presence on social media. However, its focus appears limited, and engagement is less of a priority.

Primary social media use includes automated giveaway result announcements, new case reveals, the occasional promotional code, and retweets of high-value user wins.

DatDrop doesn’t engage in discussions with followers. This is a strategic choice for combatting scams and centralizing support through their dedicated email address. DatDrop’s choice to primarily use social media for announcements is understandable, although it may be impersonal to some users.

DatDrop Statistics

  • Cases opened: 410,970,000
  • Upgrades completed: 10,648,000
  • Case Battles played: 27,831,000
  • Battle Royale played: 1,990,000
  • Total Users Count: 2,530,000
  • Average Online: 400
  • Trustpilot Score: 4.4
  • Trustpilot Reviews: 1,760

News About DatDrop

In December 2023, DatDrop released an update that brought several changes to the platform:

  • «Crazy Mode» was added to the Battles
  • Changes in affiliate system rules
  • DatPoints were added
  • The maximum daily deposit bonus was increased from $100 to $250.

In February 2024, DatDrop dropped a new case called Easyfree.

Customer Support

You can contact the DatDrop support team by email at [email protected] and usually get an answer within 24 hours or less. The platform has no live chat, but the knowledgeable and friendly customer support team compensates.

DatDrop Glossary

  • DatPoints: DatDrop’s exclusive reward currency. Earn these by opening cases, playing games, and more. Use them to buy special DatPoints cases or boost your balance.
  • Royal Race: DatDrop’s weekly competition. Your activity contributes to a prize pool, and your leaderboard position grants entry to an exclusive, free Battle Royale with high-value drops up for grabs.
  • Battle Royale: A tournament-style mode where players face off in rounds of case-opening battles. Winners move on, collecting drops from their defeated opponents, until one player claims the entire game’s prizes.
  • PVP: Directly challenge other DatDrop users in head-to-head case-opening battles.
  • Public Battle: Open to any DatDrop user to join.
  • Private Battle: Restricted to those with a special link, usually for friend groups or sponsored competitions.
  • Equality Mode: Case battle mode where winnings are split evenly among all players.
  • Team Battle: Players form teams, and then winnings are divided equally among members of the winning team.
  • Crazy Mode: The player with the lowest total drop value wins the entire case battle.
  • Provably Fair: A system DatDrop uses to ensure the randomness of case openings, battles, and upgrades.
  • Free Cases: A daily reward system based on your overall deposit amount. Each tier unlocks a free case with increasing potential value.

Our Rating

DatDrop FAQs

Generally, yes. DatDrop has been operating for several years, utilizing features like the Provably Fair system to enhance transparency. User reviews on trusted websites can also shed light on player experiences. Remember, all case-opening sites contain an element of risk – you might not win skins worth what you spend.

Yes, you can withdraw skins directly to your Steam inventory.

DatDrop doesn’t use a traditional subscription model.

Usually, it takes 24 hours or less.

This is likely an issue specific to your account. It’s best to contact DatDrop support directly, as they can troubleshoot the problem most effectively.

DatDrop has a tiered «level» system for daily free cases. Your deposit amounts over a certain period determine the value of the free case you can open. To qualify, you must also follow DatDrop’s Twitter account for at least 24 hours.

DatDrop is an online platform primarily designed for opening CS2 skin cases. They also offer unique game modes like Battle Royale and competitions like the Royal Race, where players can win even more valuable drops.

Absolutely! Case opening is central to the DatDrop experience. They offer a variety of categories, including Original Cases (directly from the game), King Cases, and even curated collections based on themes or creators.

In standard DatDrop Case Battles, two (or sometimes three) players compete head-to-head by opening cases. The player with the highest total drop value wins the entire pot. DatDrop offers modes like «Equality,» where winnings are split, and «Crazy» mode, where the lowest drop value wins!

DatDrop, like most case-opening sites, has rules to ensure fair play. Violating their terms of service, which often prohibit things like using unauthorized bots, attempting chargebacks, or being underage, can lead to a ban. You can usually find a complete list of prohibited actions on their website.

Final Words

The provably fair DatDrop has unique features like DatPoints reward system and Royal Race events. Still, it needs to catch up in areas that matter to some players, including redesigning the interface to make it feel less cluttered. Overall, If you’re ready to try a twist on the usual case-opening experience and don’t mind Steam-only withdrawals, DatDrop is worth checking out.

DatDrop Additional Details

Withdrawal Methods:
United States