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Hellcase is a CS2 fan’s dream come true! If the rush of opening cases, the chase for those rare and coveted skins, and the fun of trying out unique ways to play get your heart racing, then this is one site you definitely won’t want to miss.

Not only does Hellcase offer a massive collection of cases, but it also layers on the excitement with frequent bonuses, a friendly community, and the peace of mind that comes from its focus on security and transparency.

Our comprehensive Hellcase 2024 review covered everything you need to know about this CS2 case opening platform and asked important questions like “Is Hellcase safe?” and “Is Hellcase worth it?”. Scroll to find out!

  • Provably Fair: Yes
  • Sign-in options: Steam
  • Contact support: [email protected]
  • Trustpilot score: 4.2
  • An extensive collection of original and exclusive cases in different price ranges.
  • A lot of activities on the website.
  • Popular and time-tested site.
  • Reliable skins withdrawal.
  • Responsive online support.
  • No fiat or crypto money withdrawals.
  • There is big competition in giveaways due to website popularity.

Hellcase Platform Uniqueness

Hellcase isn’t content to be just another case-opening site. Being one of the oldest and the most popular case-opening websites, they’ve packed it with unique features that add extra layers of fun and ways to get rewarded. Let’s dive into some things that make Hellcase stand out.

Hellcase Premium Subscription

Only a few CS2 case-opening platforms have premium plans for users. Go beyond the basics: Hellcase Premium subscription offers exclusive perks and bonuses. They have three plans: Silver, Gold, and Diamond – each with increasing benefits. Plus, you can save money by subscribing for six months or a year at once.

See essential information about Hellcase Premium tiers in the detailed table below:

Your subscription tier determines which giveaways you can enter. Silver members can only enter Daily giveaways ($40-$60 prizes). Gold members can enter Daily and Weekly giveaways ($300-$600 prizes). Diamond members can enter Daily, Weekly, and Monthly giveaways ($750-$1250 prizes).

Hellcase Premium throws in another exciting perk: the Premium Wheel. This lets you take a spin for a chance to score some seriously cool loot. Each spin can land you goodies like balance bonuses, random skins, cases, and more.

Overall, we’d say a Hellcase Premium subscription seems like a solid deal for serious players who want to maximize their experience on the site.

War Tags & War Tag Shop

WarTags are Hellcase’s special currency players collect as cashback for opening cases, buying Agents, and other activities. In WarTag Shop, you can browse exclusive cases that can only be bought with WarTags.

You can also trade WarTags for raffle tickets. The more tickets you have, the better your chances of winning awesome prizes.


Hellcase Agents offer a fun way to earn rewards and compete against other players. Send your Agents on simulated tactical battles – the better your strategy, the higher your chance of winning. Your Agents will also automatically collect WarTags, a special currency you can exchange for exclusive cases, profile backgrounds, and other prizes.

User Giveaways

Love scoring free stuff through giveaways? Take it to the next level by creating your own! Hellcase makes this possible, offering a fun way to share your favorite items and potentially earn cool bonuses. Whether you have a big following or you’re just excited about CS2 skins, anyone can get in on the giveaway action.

Hellcase gives you lots of control when designing your giveaway. There’s even the option to incorporate your referral code, potentially earning you rewards through their affiliate program as people participate.


Love a good challenge? Hellcase Achievements let you earn badges for completing various tasks and milestones across the site but they don’t provide in-game bonuses. Achievements are displayed on your profile, so everyone can see what you’ve accomplished on Hellcase.

With 64 achievements to unlock, there’s something for everyone – from opening cases to topping up your balance, and even participating in events.

Faceit Cases & Tournaments

Hellcase sometimes offers special Faceit Cases. When you open these cases, you’re not just getting a chance at cool skins – you’re also increasing the prize money for a particular CS2 tournament that Hellcase holds. Support the competitive scene and maybe even score a spot in a tournament yourself!

Profile Backgrounds

If you have a stockpile of WarTags, check out the profile background selection on Hellcase to help you stand out from the crowd. It’s another fun way to spend this unique currency and make your Hellcase profile look awesome.

Hellcase Bonuses & Promotions

From daily freebies to Hellcase epic giveaways, there are tons of ways to boost your Hellcase balance and snag awesome skins using bonuses. For example, you can invite friends and climb through the tiers of the referral program, change your Steam profile picture to unlock a whole month of free daily prizes, and even earn unique event currency to spend it on various event activities.

  • A variety of bonuses to choose from.
  • Frequent giveaways and events.
  • Different event game modes.
  • Six-tiered referral system.
  • Most bonus systems require refilling the balance to claim bonuses.
  • No button to cancel subscription auto-renewal, need to contact support.

Let’s discover all the ways you can get bonuses on Hellcase.

Referral System: Earn Extra by Inviting Players

Hellcase offers an affiliate program where you can earn rewards for bringing in new players. The system is divided into tiers: as you bring in more referrals and their spending increases, your level rises along with your bonus percentage.

Hellcase Daily Bonus

Hellcase Daily Free Bonus is a feature that offers players free rewards for a full month. To participate, users either change their Steam profile picture or make a $5 deposit to their Hellcase account. This unlocks 30 days of random daily prizes that could include skins, cases, WarTags, or account balance top-ups.

To be eligible for the Daily Bonus, players must have a Steam account with public game data and have logged at least 12 hours of playtime in CS:GO or Dota 2.

Hellcase Shards

Item Shards are like puzzle pieces for CS2 skins on Hellcase! Each time you open a case on Hellcase, you might get a shard. Collect four identical shards of the same skin, and you can combine them to get the full skin for free.

The shard system means that even if you don’t get the top prize in a case, you still might walk away with something that can help you score a cool skin down the line.


Hellcase regularly hosts special events, each with its own unique theme and mechanics. These events offer ways to score prizes and bonuses outside of the usual case-opening routine. Most events use a unique currency that you’ll earn by opening specific cases, completing challenges, or sometimes by topping up your balance.

When we tested the platform, the Cyberspring event was in full blast, buzzing with activity as players competed for exclusive rewards and took part in exciting challenges. It is a futuristic extravaganza filled with neon-themed skins.

Here are the common features of Hellcase events:

  • The Event Wheel: This is like a wheel of fortune where you can spend your event currency for a spin. Prizes can include skins, balance, or other goodies.
  • Faceit Competitions: These events might offer special cases that contribute to the prize pool of Hellcase CS2 tournaments on Faceit.
  • Skin Generator: This feature lets you spend your event currency for a chance at a random skin. Usually, the more currency you spend, the greater the potential value of the skin you might receive.
  • Event Store: Some events feature a limited-time store where you can directly exchange your event currency for items like skins, cases, or balance.

Events on Hellcase change frequently, so you should check their «Events» tab to see what’s currently running and how the specific event works. Also, look for cases marked with the event icon as these have a chance of dropping event tokens alongside the usual prizes.

Gleam Giveaways

Hellcase regularly runs special giveaways using the Gleam service, offering a bunch of exclusive skins as prizes. Giveaways are time-limited, often with fun themes around holidays or seasons. Winners are chosen randomly based on how many entries they have. During our platform test, we caught the “Thunder Strike” giveaway – it had a massive pool of 110 prizes up for grabs.

Each giveaway has a set of tasks you complete to earn points called «entries». Tasks vary – some are super easy and free, while others might involve spending some balance. You might be asked to do things like:

  • Read the «Before Opening Cases» instructions (a simple intro task).
  • Open a specific number of cases from the event category.
  • Subscribe to the Hellcase email newsletter.
  • Refer friends.
  • Follow them on social media, share posts, or invite friends.

Your entries are like tickets in a raffle – the more you have, the better your chances of winning. Gleam giveaways seem to be very popular among Hellcase users.

Case Discounts

Don’t miss out on case discounts, They’re a great way to open more cases for less. Check the Hellcase site often, or subscribe to their social media or newsletter for alerts when the next sale hits.

Hellcase Game Modes

Case opening is exciting, but Hellcase takes it to the next level with a wild variety of classical and event game modes, each offering unique ways to score coveted CS2 skins and bonuses. Whether you’re a gambler, a strategist, or just love exploring new ways to play, there’s something here to get your blood pumping on Hellcase.

  • Well-designed game modes.
  • A lot of limited-edition cases.
  • Everyone can see the odds of unboxing a particular item from a case.
  • Regular sales.
  • No Upgrade history.
  • Drop odds in Farm Cases are not specified.

We have already described event game modes, so let’s focus on classical ones now.

Case Opening

Hellcase offers a ton of variety regarding case opening. After all, it is a core feature of any CS2 case opening platform.

  • MultiCases: Open a single cell for strategic play, go big with multiple cells at once, or let randomness rule.
  • Farm Cases: They’re stuffed with inexpensive skins that are automatically sold after unboxing, offsetting your costs and giving you more chances to land those ultra-rare, super-valuable drops. It’s a gamble, but the potential payout is huge.
  • Creator Cases: Cases that are dedicated to CS2 pro players and content creators who partnered up with Hellcase.
  • Best Deal Cases: This category features Hellcase cases that are currently on sale.
  • Favorite Cases: This section highlights the cases you’ve added to “Favorites” or opened most, making it easy to revisit your go-to choices.
  • CS2 Special: These are cases dedicated to the long-awaited release of Counter-Strike 2.
  • Random Skin Cases: Classical, straightforward case-opening experience – a perfect starting point for those new to Hellcase.
  • Event Cases: These tie into Hellcase’s awesome events, offering limited-edition selections of skins and unique event currency for special activities like Event Wheel, Skin Generator, and others.
  • OnFire Cases: A mixed bag of prizes – not just skins, but potentially balance, cases, currency, and more! Perfect for those who love the unexpected.
  • CS2 Sticker Cases: These capsules are a perfect choice for customization enthusiasts!
  • Hellcase Premium Cases: If you’ve got Hellcase Premium, these are where you’ll find those exclusive, extra-special drops.
  • Original CS2 Cases: These are classic, official, in-game CS2 cases.

Hellcase understands that trust is key when it comes to case opening. That’s why the contents of each case and item drop odds are always publicly displayed.

No more blind gambling – before you buy a case, you’ll see the exact contents and the odds associated with landing each skin. This feature lets you compare cases side-by-side, target the drops that get you most excited, and make informed decisions about where you want to spend your hard-earned balance.


Tired of low-tier skins cluttering up your inventory? Hellcase’s Upgrader lets you gamble for a shot at something bigger and better. In this game mode, you can pick a CS2 skin you are willing to sacrifice and select a multiplier (x1.5, x2, x5, or a heart-pounding x10!) to determine how much better the potential reward could be… but also how high the risk of losing it all is.

Choose between standard or quick animations, and even reverse the direction for a change of pace. If you want to, you can check out the Upgrade Streaks page to see who’s been on an epic hot streak and what amazing skins they’ve snagged.


Like the Upgrade Mode, Contracts on Hellcase let you turn a bunch of skins you don’t care about into something potentially rare and valuable. To play, select up to 10 skins and pick from Easy, Medium, or Hard contracts. Each has different value limits on the skins you can use and a different chance of getting a more valuable skin in return.

Case Battles

On Hellcase, players can participate in Case Battles. This unique feature lets you go head-to-head with other players for a chance to walk away with an epic haul of skins.

One player hosts the battle, setting the rules (public or private) and the number of cases to be opened. Others can join the challenge. Everyone opens their cases, and the player with the most valuable skin inside takes the whole prize pool.

Hellcase Top Items & Cases

The most expensive and the most profitable case on Hellcase is the Fucanlong Case. While it costs $500, the potential rewards are unimaginably high. Here’s a complete item breakdown:

ItemDrop Odds
AWP | Dragon Lore0.090
M4A4 | Howl0.102
AK-47 | Wild Lotus0.129
M4A1-S | Knight0.130
Glock-18 | Fade0.200
★ Butterfly Knife | Fade0.355
AWP | Desert Hydra0.631
AWP | Medusa0.696
AK-47 | Gold Arabesque0.700
★ Sport Gloves | Superconductor0.839
AWP | Graphite0.865
M4A1-S | Imminent Danger1.071
Desert Eagle | Blaze1.074
★ Sport Gloves | Vice1.088
AWP | Lightning Strike1.277
AK-47 | X-Ray1.399
AK-47 | Fire Serpent1.663
AK-47 | Hydroponic1.992
Desert Eagle | Printstream12.759
★ Flip Knife | Marble Fade2.213
Desert Eagle | Emerald Jörmungandr2.425
Desert Eagle | Sunset Storm 弐2.798
★ Karambit | Lore2.845
★ M9 Bayonet | Autotronic2.856
★ Moto Gloves | Turtle3.728
★ M9 Bayonet | Case Hardened4.227
AWP | Silk Tiger4.313
Desert Eagle | Hypnotic4.429
Desert Eagle | Golden Koi4.515
★ Broken Fang Gloves | Jade4.543
AWP | Asiimov6.324
M4A4 | Asiimov6.574
Desert Eagle | Cobalt Disruption6.844
M4A1-S | Printstream6.965
AK-47 | Bloodsport7.345

Interesting Cases List

Cheapest PicksHigh Risk, High RewardMost Popular
Easy Start
Ruby Cherry
Real Danger
Hard Luxury
Tiger Tooth Family
Gamma Knives
Loves Embrace
Zeus Olympus
Eternal Love

Safety & Legality: Is Hellcase Legit?

Wondering if Hellcase is a legit platform or a scam? Let’s find out!
Hellcase has been serving the Counter-Strike community since 2016, with millions of registered users and high daily traffic. Being one of the best CS2 case-opening websites, they take steps to build a safe and fair environment for all players. Our review research revealed happy customers and favorable reviews from independent experts.

All Hellcase users are protected by the Provably Fair system. The algorithms ensure all game results are truly unpredictable and random. The system guarantees that every user has a fair shot at landing the best items. Moreover, you’ll always see the exact odds of getting each skin within a case before you open it.

In a nutshell, YES, Hellcase is a legit platform and safe for users. Let’s learn more about Hellcase.

Payment & Withdrawal Methods

  • Huge variety of deposit methods.
  • Integration of ShadowPay for skin withdrawal.
  • Only skin withdrawal.

Hellcase makes it easy to add funds to your account. Choose from bank cards, cryptocurrency, your existing CS:GO skins, and more. You can withdraw your winnings directly as skins through Steam Trade, or transfer your balance to ShadowPay.

Deposit MethodsBank card and e-moneyVisa, Mastercard, UnionPay, Discover, Google Pay, Zen (Google Pay, Apple Pay, Skrill, Blik, Neuserf, Sofort, Bancontact, iDeal, Netteler), G2A and Kinguin promocodes.
SkinsSteam, ShadowPay 
Withdrawal MethodsBank cards and e-moneySteam, ShadowPay

Fees and limits vary depending on your chosen method. For example, credit cards have a $5 minimum and a $400 maximum per transaction. Withdraw your winnings directly as skins through Steam Trade (no fees), or transfer your balance to ShadowPay (3% fee).

Hellcase User Journey

Hellcase is a dynamic platform, always adding new events, cases, and even whole new game modes. The intuitive menus, helpful search and filter tools, and detailed FAQs make it simple to find your way around. Features like WarTags, Agents, and the Premium Wheel add extra layers of fun and rewards that you won’t find on other sites.

Hellcase’s active social media presence and features like User Giveaways and Case Battles let you connect with other players, share your love for skins, and maybe even snag some epic prizes along the way.

  • Huge variety of cases and price ranges to pick from.
  • Provably fair system implemented.
  • Various opening mechanics.
  • Many UI languages available.
  • Easy-to-use and clean interface.
  • The interface is only available in dark mode.
  • Can’t turn off latest drops which can be buggy if you have multiple tabs.

While their responsive support team is there to assist with any issues, the extensive FAQ section might just save you time by providing quick solutions to common questions.

User Interface & Usability

Hellcase has a sleek and visually appealing interface available in dozens of languages. While the design is clean and modern, new users might initially find it somewhat overwhelming due to the sheer number of features and options the site offers.

Finding what you need is simple thanks to intuitive menus and clear labeling. Once you spend a little time exploring, you’ll quickly get a feel for where everything is. The mobile version is well-optimized for gaming on the go.

The case filtering system is great. You can narrow down your choices by price, search for a specific case by name, or even filter cases based on your current balance or whether they contain Item Shards. Bright colors and crisp graphics make browsing cases fun and visually stimulating.

While there’s definitely a quick learning curve due to all the exciting features, Hellcase’s interface is well-designed and easy to master with just a little time and practice.

Hellcase Blog

Want to stay on top of the latest Hellcase news, events, and skin trends? In that case, you should check out the Hellcase Blog. There, you’ll find updates, strategy guides, and even fun articles celebrating the CS2 community.

Hellcase Customer Support

  • Dedicated support team
  • Pretty fast response time
  • An extensive FAQs section
  • Support is only available in English

Even the best CS2 case opening websites might sometimes have hiccups. Hellcase’s responsive customer support team is dedicated to resolving issues quickly and fairly, ensuring a positive experience for all users.

Their online ticket system is perfect for tracking issues or providing more detailed information. Before reaching out, check their extensive FAQ section! You might find a quick answer to common questions, saving you time.

Community Engagement & SMM

Hellcase is very active on social media with accounts on Facebook, X, YouTube, Instagram, Discord, TikTok, and even Snapchat. On each platform, they post a diverse range of content.

Expect to find entertaining polls and quizzes that encourage participation, lighthearted memes to share with fellow players and exciting giveaways where you can potentially snag awesome skins. While they offer a variety of content, they could be more active by posting fresh videos on YouTube to boost engagement.

Hellcase also uses social media to inform you of site-specific announcements about new cases, upcoming events, and promotions. Additionally, they post Counter-Strike industry news, keeping you in the loop about the eSport scene. If you enjoy Faceit tournaments, you’ll also find information about those on their social channels.

Hellcase Statistics

Hellcase Glossary

  • WarTags: Hellcase’s special currency. Earn them through case openings, Agent missions, and other activities. Spend them on exclusive cases, raffle tickets, and more!
  • Shards: Fragments of specific skins. Collect four identical shards of a skin to combine them into the full version and add it to your inventory.
  • Hellcase Achievements: Badges you earn for completing various tasks and milestones on the site. They don’t provide bonuses, but they’re a fun way to track your progress and show off your dedication.
  • Item Wiki: A built-in resource for detailed information about the CS2 skins and other cosmetic items on Hellcase.
  • Hellcase Blog: Get the latest Hellcase news, skin guides, event updates, and fun community features.
  • User Giveaways: Create and customize your CS2, Dota 2, or Rust giveaways, share your favorite items, and potentially earn bonuses.
  • Farm Cases: Cheap cases designed for high-volume purchases. Low-value drops automatically sell to offset costs, giving you more chances to chase rare, expensive skins.
  • OnFire Cases: A mixed bag containing skins, balance top-ups, other cases, WarTags, and more – perfect if you like surprises.
  • Multicases: Open cells individually for a strategic experience, or go all-in by revealing several simultaneously.
  • Hellcase Premium: A subscription service unlocking exclusive perks like bonus cases, access to special giveaways, priority support, and more.
  • Gleam Giveaways: Time-limited raffles with massive prizes. Complete tasks to earn entries – the more entries you have, the higher your chance of winning!
  • Upgrader: Gamble a skin for a shot at something better (or worse!). Choose your risk level wisely.
  • Contracts: Trade in up to 10 unwanted skins for one random one. Different difficulty levels offer varying chances of getting a more valuable skin in return.
  • Event Wheel: Often tied to ongoing events, this is like a wheel-of-fortune where you spend special event currency for a chance at awesome prizes.
  • Event Token Vault: Use your event currency to compete with other users for top spots on the leaderboard, with larger prizes going to the highest ranks.
  • Premium Wheel: An exclusive feature for Hellcase Premium members. Spin to win balance top-ups, cases, skins, and other goodies.
  • Skin Generator: Available during some events, this feature lets you spend event currency for a chance at a random skin drop.
  • Case Battles: Go head-to-head with other players. Everyone opens cases, and the player with the most valuable skin wins the whole pot.
  • Best Drop: A live feed showing the most amazing skins other players have recently won on Hellcase.

Our Rating

  • Support 5/5: Responsive and helpful customer service is crucial, and Hellcase does a solid job on this front.
  • Bonuses 5/5: From the Daily Bonus to frequent giveaways, they love rewarding their players.
  • User Experience 4.5/5: While there’s a slight learning curve, the site is well-designed and easy to navigate once you get the hang of it.
  • Safety 5/5: Hellcase prioritizes security and fair play, which is evident from various factors, including implementing Provably Fair algorithms.
  • Game modes 5/5: The variety of ways to open cases, score skins, and compete with other players is where Hellcase truly excels.
  • Total score 4.8/5: Hellcase offers a fun, secure, and rewarding experience for CS2 skin enthusiasts. With unique game modes, generous bonuses, and a vibrant community, it’s a platform that keeps things exciting.

Hellcase FAQs

Yes! Hellcase has a long history in the CS2 skin community, a positive reputation, transparent systems like Provably Fair, and responsive customer support. All these factors contribute to establishing them as a legitimate and trustworthy platform.

Yes, but not directly as cash. You can withdraw your winnings as CS2 skins via Steam Trade. Skin values are based on their current market worth, ensuring fair exchanges.

Hellcase Premium offers exclusive perks like bonus cases, access to special giveaways with larger prizes, priority support, and the thrilling Premium Wheel feature. If you’re a serious player who wants to maximize your rewards, then a subscription could be a worthwhile investment.

Hellcase is known for its quick response times. While wait times can vary depending on the complexity of your issue, they aim to resolve most inquiries promptly. They offer support through both their email and an online ticket system.

To withdraw a skin, you’ll need to use Steam Trade. Ensure your Steam account is eligible by having public game data and at least 12 hours of playtime in CS2 or Dota 2.

Unlock 30 days of free daily rewards by changing your Steam avatar or adding at least $5 to your Hellcase balance.

Hellcase is one of the best CS2 case opening platforms launched in 2016. They offer various cases, unique game modes, and bonuses.

Absolutely! Case opening is the core of Hellcase’s platform. They offer a massive selection of classic CS2 cases, exclusive crates, and limited-edition event cases.

Case Battles let you go head-to-head with other players. One player hosts the battle, setting the rules. Participants open cases, and whoever lands the most valuable skin wins the prize pool.

You won’t be banned from Steam or CS2 for using Hellcase.

Final Words

Hellcase is an excellent case-opening platform that delivers an exhilarating experience full of surprises. From its unique features to its dedication to fair play, it’s easy to see why Hellcase is a top choice for skin collectors. Don’t miss out – head over to Hellcase and give your CS2 inventory the boost it deserves. The journey is yours to customize, and the possibilities are nearly endless.

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