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CSGO.NET is a well-established and popular CS2 case-opening platform that has seen users open over 616 million cases since its launch in 2017. The website has a massive selection of cases across various price ranges. This platform prioritizes fair play and has implemented a «provably fair» system to provide transparent and verifiable results.

  • Provably Fair: yes
  • Sign-in options: Steam
  • Contact support: [email protected]
  • Trustpilot score: 4.7
  • Extensive collection of cases in different price ranges
  • Responsive online support
  • Many refill methods
  • Takes fraud protection seriously
  • No crypto, bank card, e-money withdrawal

Read our review to learn more about one of the top CS2 case-opening sites and how it differs from the competing platforms.

CSGO.NET Platform Uniqueness

CSGO.NET sets itself apart with various cases in various price ranges. This includes exclusive cases only found on the platform. The platform employs a provably fair system, ensuring transparency and verifiable results for all case openings.

Here are some of the unique features CSGO NET has:

  • All-in cases: These cases contain only one cheap and costly skin.
  • Favorite cases: You can add several cases to the «Favorites» list and sort them out on the main page.
  • Operations: These are regularly held events we will further explore in detail.
  • Website interface customization: In user profile settings, there is an option to customize the profile’s looks and roulettes.
  • Alfa Skins integration: An actively promoted trading platform with a CS2 skin ecosystem.
  • Live trades: A list of the luckiest players and the skins they won and withdrew by opening CS2 cases, trading skins in Tradeup, or using Upgrader.

Bonuses & Promotions

Many CS2 case-opening websites offer diverse bonuses and promotions designed to reward new arrivals and loyal users, and CSGO NET is not an exception. CSGO.NET understands the thrill of opening cases and offers users a generous bonus system. Below is a detailed look into their bonus systems.

Referral System

This referral system rewards users for inviting friends to CSGO NET. Referrers receive balance bonuses based on their referrals’ account refills, with the percentage depending on the number of active referral codes:

  • 6% of referrals’ refills with 1 active referral code.
  • 5% of referrals’ refills with up to 3 active referral codes.
  • 4% of referrals’ refills with up to 5 active referral codes.

Daily Free Bonus

All CSGO.NET users are greeted daily with random bonuses, which include one of the following prizes:

  • Refill percentage bonuses.
  • Free cases (requires a recent balance refill to open).
  • Free skins.
  • Case discounts.
  • Bonus points.
  • Balance promo codes.

The bonuses are time-sensitive: they only last 24 hours after a player receives them, and new bonuses replace the unused ones. If you want more bonuses, the platform lets you add $20 to your balance in one transaction and get an additional bonus.

CSGO.NET Daily Free Cases

CSGO NET allows users to open up to three free cases daily based on their recent balance refills. For example, you can open three «Free Nova» cases daily by topping up your balance for $9. While this case mostly features SMG skins up to $5, it also contains several Shadow Daggers and a pair of Driver Gloves | Racing Green.

To open three «Free Supreme» cases that contain rare items like Stiletto Knife | Tiger Tooth, AWP | Oni Taiji, and Paracord Knife | Case Hardened, you need to top up your CSGO.NET balance by 150 during 24 hours.

CSGO.NET Gleam Giveaways

CSGO NET frequently partners with Gleam.io, a popular contest platform, to host exciting giveaways with highly coveted CS2 cosmetic items as prizes. To participate, users must complete tasks on the Gleam platform. For example:

  • Following several CSGO.NET social media accounts
  • Opening a particular case
  • Sharing promotional posts
  • Rating the platform on Trustpilot

Here are the prizes from the recent CSGO NET «Agent with Knife» Giveaway:

  • 1. Sir Bloody Miami Darryl + | Bayonet Marble Fade (FN)
  • 2. Getaway Sally + Talon Knife | Slaughter (FT)
  • 3. Cmdr. Davida + Paracord | Knife Fade (FN)
  • 4-5. Number K + Huntsman Knife | Autotronic (FT)
  • 6-10. Sir Bloody Loudmouth Darryl + Gut Knife | Lore (FT)
  • 11-20. D Squadron Officer + Navaja Knife | Crimson Web (WW)

After the giveaway ends, winners are randomly selected. Gleam typically incorporates weighting options, meaning people who complete more tasks have a higher chance of winning.

Refill Bonus: CSGO.NET Promo Codes

Activating a promo code on CSGO.NET is straightforward. Each promo code can only be activated once, but it is available to all users. They are updated daily, weekly, and monthly, so watch for the latest codes.

Promo codes have a limited number of activations and can expire. If you manage to activate a code, congratulations — you’ve secured your bonus! You can verify if a promo code is still valid on the top-up page. If applied successfully, it guarantees the bonus upon your deposit.

Bonuses received from promo codes are added to your main balance without restrictions. You can use them immediately for in-game transactions or to obtain skins.


CSGO.NET holds regular, provably fair CS2 skin giveaways. You can participate in giveaways by purchasing and activating special tickets. The giveaways are categorized into tiers from «Common» (1 ticket = $2) to «Mythical» (1 ticket = $11). While each tier features up to three CS2 skins for grabs, a winner is awarded one particular skin prize.

When we tested the platform, the following CS2 skins were featured in active giveaways:

Lower tiers (Common, Rare) allow players with modest budgets to participate, with lower ticket prices and thresholds.


CSGO NET rewards dedication with its exclusive Operations. These frequent, limited-time events challenge players to complete specific quests for the chance to win big.

The Operations typically revolve around daily quests, motivating players to return regularly for consistent progress and ever-greater rewards. What sets CSGO NET’s Operations apart is their dynamic visual progression map, mimicking the tactical experience of pushing a map site in Counter-Strike 2.

For example, a recent Operation centered around the B site on Dust 2. As players completed quests, their animated character visibly moved through different choke points of the site, creating a sense of advancement.

Case Discounts

CSGO NET frequently sweetens the deal for those looking to open CS2 cases by offering attractive discounts. Flash sales and limited-time promotions, you can find specific cases.

Discounts typically range from a modest 5% to a massive 80%, allowing you to stretch your budget and open more cases to increase your chance of obtaining rare CS2 skins.

Game Modes

Beyond the thrill of traditional case opening, CSGO NET expands the experience with a suite of game modes: the Upgrader, where you can gamble to improve your skins’ quality; Tradeup, allowing you to exchange skins for potentially higher-value ones; and Case Battles, where you’ll compete against other players in opening cases.

  • The provably fair system covers most game modes
  • Live trade history is available
  • New features and game modes are rarely introduced
  • Lacks optionality in case opening styles
  • Very few non-case game modes

Explore all CSGO NET game modes further.

CSGO.NET Case Opening

The classical experience of unboxing random CS2 skins from virtual containers. CSGO NET offers a «mass open» option, allowing players to open multiple cases simultaneously and receive all rewards in one go.

CSGO.NET Upgrader

In Upgrader, you can upgrade CS2 skins or balance. It features a user-friendly interface with options for selecting the desired upgrade path, animation speed, and a cost multiplier for skin improvement. The mode presents a classic and updated layout, differing only visually.


Similar to contracts on other platforms, Tradeup on CSGO NET allows users to combine up to 10 skins into one of potentially higher value. This mode offers a strategic layer to inventory management, allowing players to gamble on outcomes for potentially greater rewards.

CSGO.NET Case Battles

A competitive twist to case opening, Case Battles pits 2-4 players against each other in opening cases. This interactive CSGO NET game mode allows public and private battles, with an added feature of including bots to speed up the start of these competitive sessions.

Top Items & Cases

The top items list in CSGO NET’s cases extends from coveted weapon skins to rare stickers and collectibles. These items are prized for their rarity, design, and the prestige they add to a player’s inventory.

Interesting Cases List

Cheapest PicksHigh Risk, High RewardMost Popular
Desert Eagle
High 10
Easy Knife
Scary Night
Revolution Case
Recoil Case
Snakebite Case
Gods and Monsters
Statue of Zeus of Olympia
CS:GO Weapon Case

Safety & Legality: Is CSGO.net Legit?

CSGO.NET focuses on fairness and transparency, as demonstrated by its use of a provably fair system. This cryptographic method ensures that case-opening results are random and untampered, allowing users to verify the integrity of each outcome.

Additionally, CSGO.NET provides clear disclosures of case odds, empowering users to make informed decisions about their participation.

While the platform’s licensing status might be unclear, its reputation (established in Estonia in 2017), significant user base, and volume of cases opened, along with a positive Trustpilot score and responsiveness to feedback, contribute to a perception of trustworthiness.

Economy & Fairness

Transparency remains crucial; case odds are readily available, enabling players to grasp the probabilities associated with each opening. The platform’s economic mechanics are designed to offer a chance of winning valuable prizes while managing expectations with clear disclosures.

Important Considerations:

  • Licensing: The lack of explicit gambling license information may warrant caution, even though it is not required for case-opening platforms. Users must assess their comfort level with this ambiguity and consult regulations in their location.
  • Customer Eligibility: The absence of clear age restrictions in the Terms of Service may present a concern. CSGO NET would benefit from clarifying its user age policies to promote responsible platform use.

Overall, while CSGO NET exhibits positive transparency and fairness indicators, some gaps in its disclosures might give certain users pause.

CSGO.NET Payment & Withdrawal Methods

CSGO NET supports diverse refill methods (most without bottom and upper limits or charged fees) for user convenience.

CSGO NET focuses exclusively on skin withdrawals, letting users transfer winnings directly to their Steam accounts. The platform does not support direct monetary withdrawals, thus eliminating the need for associated limits and fees.

See details below.

User Journey

CSGO NET aims to deliver a smooth case-opening experience. Let’s explore how their core offerings shape the user journey.

  • The Foundation: CSGO NET boasts many cases across multiple price points. Classic CS collections, regular themed releases, exclusive cases, limited-edition runs, and even ‘all-in’ cases for high-risk, high-reward openings.
  • Daily Free Cases: Refilling your balance by a certain amount daily yields up to three free cases, making for exciting returns at no extra cost.
  • Special Features: Some cases have the potential to drop bonus points on top of skins, and CSGO NET offers frequent discounts to increase potential value.
  • Unboxing Control: You can unbox cases individually or use bulk «mass open» settings (x2, x3, etc.) for quicker results. Standard and accelerated animation options are provided.
  • Provably Fair & Transparency: Odds are clearly marked, and their provably fair system allows outcome verification.
  • Reputation: While not flawless, CSGO NET has built a loyal following. This is visible in its solid Trustpilot score and generally positive online presence.

Some find the case artwork over-the-top, and rare technical glitches do occur. Also, their «mining» cases may not satisfy users familiar with “farm case” systems on competing sites.

User Interface & Usability

The CSGO.NET website has a sleek and functional design. The fullscreen desktop layout is straightforward, ensuring key features and game modes are easily accessible.

  • Aesthetic color scheme
  • Interface customization available
  • No deposit history is available
  • Some UI elements are buggy
  • Very few languages are supported
  • Cluttered header navigation

Community Engagement & SMM

Fans can follow CSGO NET on many popular social media networks, including Twitter and Reddit, to keep in touch with the platform and grab special promo codes. You will find memes, giveaway announcements, polls and quizzes, eSports news, and in-game highlights on their accounts.

Ongoing Events & Draws

CSGO NET holds regular events and draws to keep the community engaged by offering chances to win rare skins and other prizes.

CSGO.NET Statistics

Get ready for some mind-blowing numbers that explain why CSGO NET is a serious player in the case opening scene:

  • Cases opened: 621,000,000
  • Tradeups completed: 24,755,000
  • Upgrades completed: 45,235,000
  • Case Battles ended: 16,440,000
  • Total Users Count: 6,031,000
  • Average Online: 800
  • Trustpilot Score: 4.7
  • Trustpilot Reviews: 5,760

News About the CSGO.NET

As they announced on Reddit, CSGO NET is in the middle of overhauling the giveaway system. Consider following their social media to stay tuned for the latest news.

CSGO.NET Glossary

  • Case Opening: The core activity on CSGO NET, where players spend currency to «open» virtual cases containing a randomized selection of CS2 skins.
  • Upgrader: A game mode allowing players to improve the quality or rarity of existing skins in their inventory.
  • Tradeup: CSGO NET’s version of the classic CS2 contract system, where players can exchange multiple lower-value skins to obtain a single skin of higher value.
  • Case Battles: A unique competitive mode where multiple players open the same type of case, and the one with the highest-value skin wins.
  • Daily Free Bonus: Rewards are given to CSGO NET users daily, potentially including balance bonuses, free cases, skins, and more.
  • Gleam: CSGO NET frequently partners with Gleam.io, a popular platform for running giveaways and contests. Gleam promotions offer CSGO NET users chances to win skins, balance credits, or other prizes by completing specified tasks (e.g., social media follows, retweets, etc.).
  • LIVE Trades Page: A section of the website showcasing recent Tradeup, Upgrader, and Case opening winnings by platform users.
  • Operation: CSGO NET’s unique, limited-time events. Operations feature a visual map progression mechanic and offer daily quests for valuable rewards.
  • Mining Cases
  • All-in Cases: A high-risk, high-reward case type with only two featured items.
  • Events: A broad range of promotions, including seasonal celebrations, giveaways, gleams, and more.
  • Refill % bonus: When you deposit funds, you often receive a bonus balance on top of the amount added. For example, a 10% refill bonus on a $20 deposit would add a $2 bonus.
  • Flat $ refill bonus: You are gifted a set bonus balance regardless of the deposit amount. For example, get $5 extra added to your account, whether you deposit $10 or $100.
  • Referral Code: By sharing a unique code with friends, you encourage them to join the platform and benefit from various bonuses.

Customer Support

A dedicated support team is available at [email protected], offering players prompt assistance with various potential issues.

  • Online support is available in English and Russian
  • There is no dedicated support system, just a support contact email

Our Rating

Like any other CS2 case-opening website, CSGO NET has room for improvement. Still, it is a commendable option because of its focus on fairness, rewarding bonus systems, and exclusive cases.

  • Support: 4/5
  • Bonuses: 4.5/5
  • User Experience: 3.5/5
  • Safety: 4/5
  • Game modes: 3.5/5

Total score: 3.9/5

It’s important to note that our ratings are subjective, based on our evaluation criteria and experiences with the CS2 case opening platform. The best way to determine if CSGO NET suits you is to explore the platform and experiment with its features.


Yes, but only in the form of CS2 skins. CSGO NET doesn’t offer withdrawals of money (currency) to bank accounts or e-wallets.

There isn’t a traditional subscription model or premium plan on CSGO NET.

Response time likely varies based on the issue’s complexity. Check FAQs and support page for possible self-service solutions to common problems. If submitting a request, provide precise details and screenshots for faster assistance.

Several reasons are possible:

  • Account Restrictions: Your account might be new or have other limitations.
  • Trade Hold: Newly acquired skins on Steam might have a temporary trade hold period.
  • Technical Issues: Glitches on the site or with Steam sometimes occur. Contacting Support would be necessary.


CSGO NET has a daily free bonus system. Each day, you can receive random rewards ranging from skin drops and case discounts to balance top-ups.

CSGO NET’s primary focus is providing a platform for opening themed CS2 cases for a chance to win skins. It offers supplementary game modes like the Upgrader, Tradeup, and Case Battles for engagement and variety.

Yes! Case opening is their core activity. They offer a vast selection of cases at various price points, including exclusive cases only available on CSGO NET.

Case Battles are real-time competitions against 2–4 actual players who simultaneously open the same type of case. The individual who unveils the highest-value skin is the winner.

It’s unlikely by Valve directly since CSGO NET falls outside of the official CS2 game ecosystem. However, CSGO NET has its own Terms of Service. Breaking these rules could result in a ban from their platform.

Final Words

CSGO.NET delivers a reliable and fun-filled case-opening experience. If you’re looking for a wide variety of cases, exciting bonuses, and a platform that prioritizes fairness, CSGO.NET is a solid choice.

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