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CSGORoll presents itself as a fun and engaging way to interact with CS2 skins. They offer a variety of gambling-inspired games like case openings, dice rolls, and jackpot-style competitions. Their focus on community features like live chat and an affiliate system adds a social element.

But before you dive in, there’s a lot you need to know. How those games really work, the odds they’re hiding, and all the weird rules about what you can and can’t do with your skins. We took this CS2 case-opening website for a serious test drive, and our 2024 CSGORoll review breaks it all down. Let’s find out if this is a winning move or just a gamble you don’t want to take.

  • Provably Fair: Yes
  • Sign-in options: Steam
  • Contact support: [email protected]
  • Trustpilot score: 4.0
  • Many different ways to gamble with your coins
  • Possibility to earn rewards by referring friends
  • Chances of getting a valuable skin or hitting a jackpot
  • Accepting various payment options, including cryptocurrencies
  • Coin Stash for players who struggle with impulse control
  • The only way to get rid of skins you win is through their P2P market
  • Addictive game design, potential to appeal to minors
  • Limited information about game odds or detailed case contents
  • You’ll likely overpay for skins on CSGORoll compared to the regular Steam market
  • Requiring a minimum deposit to use live chat is more about driving spending than creating a positive community
  • The P2P trading system opens up the possibility of scams if you’re not careful

CSGORoll Uniqueness

In terms of concept and functionality, CSGORoll does things a bit differently than some other skin gambling sites. CSGORoll’s unique systems offer some potential benefits in terms of streamlined trading but severely limit your options for cashing out or having full control of your skins.

P2P Skin Trading

CSGORoll does skin deposits a bit differently, using a Player-to-Player (P2P) trading system as a mini-marketplace within the site. It means you’re basically doing a secure swap with another player—you send them your skins, and they send you CSGORoll coins (well, the site handles the coin part).

They’ve worked to make the process as smooth as possible, as CSGORoll has your back throughout the whole process by taking care of the behind-the-scenes matchmaking so you get those coins quickly.

P2P trading is a bit more hands-on than automated systems, so you must follow instructions carefully and stay alert to avoid scam attempts. Of course, you can always ask the support team for help if you need it.

Unique Currency Coins

The unique currency coins are your ticket to all the fun on CSGORoll. You will use them to play games, open cases, and trade skins on the P2P market.

Currently, 1 coin on CSGORoll roughly equals €0.65 or $0.70. Exchange rates can change, so it’s always good to double-check the current value before making any big purchases. Coins are non-refundable (unless you accidentally deposited them and haven’t spent any of them yet).

Here’s a breakdown of how to get your hands on CSGORoll coins:

  • Deposit CS2 Skins: Do you have some CS2 skins gathering dust in your inventory? Head to the deposit page and trade them in for shiny CSGORoll coins – the site handles the conversion for you.
  • Direct Fiat or Crypto Deposit: Need coins in a hurry? You can always buy them directly, as CSGORoll offers many different convenient payment methods for direct deposit, including bank cards and crypto wallets.
  • P2P Trading: CSGORoll does not allow RWT, so the only way to trade CS2 skins on this case opening platform is by buying or selling items using special coins via the P2P market.
  • Bonuses and Promotions: It is stated that CSGORoll might occasionally have special offers that allow players to earn extra coins, so it’s worth keeping an eye on.

Real-World Trading Ban

Unfortunately, you’re out of luck if you dream of turning your CSGORoll skins and prizes into real cash. Real-world trading (RWT), which means trying to sell those skins or items for money or stuff outside the site, including trying to be sneaky about it with third-party websites, is a major no-no on CSGORoll.

CSGORoll strictly forbids players from selling skins or items for actual cash or physical goods, and if their team determines you’ve been involved in RWT, they have the right to ban your account permanently.

But why do they take it so seriously? CSGORoll is meant to be a fun place to trade and use skins within their games, not a backdoor way to make money. RWT ruins the whole point for them and kills the vibe.

Moreover, the second real money gets involved, players’ chances of being ripped off skyrocket. CSGORoll would rather protect its users than see them lose money to shady deals.

CSGORoll locks your skins in their system for a reason. If having the option to sell your skins is important to you, this might not be the right platform. You can still trade CS2 skins with other CSGORoll users on the P2P market.

Coin Stash

Stash is a digital vault for your CSGORoll coins. The idea is to give you a way to «lock away» a portion of your coins, but there are some significant catches.

The big thing about the Stash is that you set a timer when you put coins in. Once that timer is set, there’s no going back. The Stash might be helpful with self-control, but if you suddenly need those coins before the timer’s up, there is no way to get them.

Your locked-away coins are stuck there and cannot be used for anything—no games, cases, or trades until time runs out. After the timer resets, you can withdraw the locked coins back to your regular balance.

Live Chat

If you value being part of the CSGORoll community and want to live chat with other players, get ready to open your wallet. You must deposit at least 100 coins before you can type a single word. Officially, it’s about keeping the chat «positive and friendly.» Unofficially, it’s likely a combination of trying to limit spam and encouraging people to spend more money on the site. Whether or not the chat is worth the price is entirely up to you.

No Direct Skin Withdrawal

As we’ve already mentioned, CSGORoll doesn’t let you withdraw skins directly. The only way to get rid of items you’ve won is by trading them for CSGORoll coins and hoping someone on the site has a skin you want and is willing to take those coins for it.

CSGORoll tries to spin this as a positive, claiming it’s «more entertaining» to play with skins. The reality is that this system severely limits your options. If you like having control over your skins and the potential to sell them when you want, this platform might not be for you.

The platform is designed to keep you playing CSGORoll games and spending your coins within their system. You might want to look elsewhere if you value flexibility and ownership of your CS2 skins.

CSGORoll Promos & Bonuses

Systems like the Daily Bonus and occasional promo codes offer the chance to get free cases or coins on CSGORoll. Giveaways and the Affiliate System can create a sense of competition and potential to earn more if you’re social or have a large network. CSGORoll’s bonus systems might seem enticing, but they’re ultimately designed to benefit the platform more than you.

  • Chance to get free cases or coins
  • Meant to keep you logging in and playing, potentially leading to overspending
  • Significant time investment for potentially small rewards

Let’s discover all the ways you can get bonuses on CSGORoll.

CSGORoll Affiliate System: Earn Extra by Inviting Players

CSGORoll wants you to be its salesperson. Its tiered affiliate system is built around getting your friends to sign up and spend money, with you taking a slice of their deposits. The more people you recruit and the more they spend on CSGORoll, the higher percentage you earn, from 1% up to a maximum of 10%.

Most tiers require a certain number of your referrals to be actively depositing money – meaning you don’t just get to sign people up and forget about them. CSGORoll gives you tools to monitor your recruits’ spending statistics. Higher tiers let you «borrow» coins against future earnings. While it sounds convenient, it might be a slippery slope into potentially owing CSGORoll money if your recruits don’t perform.

If you have a large network and are comfortable with the ethical side of things, the affiliate system could be a great way to earn some CS2 skins for your collection.

CSGORoll Daily Bonus

The rules behind getting CSGORoll daily bonus are as simple as they can be: play on their site, level up, and you unlock the ability to open «free» cases every 24 hours. You get your first case at Level 2. More cases unlock as you level up, with the maximum reached at level 100. CSGORoll claims the average payout is around 150 coins per day if you manage to hit level 100 and open all the cases.

This system is built to create a habit: you must log in daily, or you will miss out on potential rewards. Reaching level 100 takes serious playtime, so consider whether the potential rewards are worth the time investment.
CSGORoll’s Daily Bonus system can be a way to snag some extra coins, but it’s designed to keep you hooked and playing on their site as much as possible.

CSGORoll Promo Codes

CSGORoll occasionally drops promo codes that can snag you a «free» case. Sometimes, this case-opening platform partners with sponsors, which might result in a promo code. Also, following CSGORoll on Twitter could be a way to catch codes. After depositing, giving codes as a bonus encourages you to keep putting in real money.

If you’re lucky enough to stumble upon a code, great! But don’t expect this case-opening platform to hand them out freely or frequently. Note that begging for codes in CSGORoll’s chat is a quick way to get your chat privileges revoked for a certain period of time.

CSGORoll Giveaways

CSGORoll’s «Drop Party» is a chance to win random freebies and rewards for loyal players. A notice will appear in the chat when an hourly giveaway goes live. You must quickly click and enter to get a chance at some «Gems.» CSGORoll doesn’t specify the types of prizes or odds of winning. It’s a safe bet that the truly good stuff is highly unlikely.

CSGORoll Case Discounts

While we were testing CSGORoll, we couldn’t find any cases offered at a discount. The lack of discounts during our testing suggests that if they do happen, they’re likely infrequent.

CSGORoll doesn’t provide any information about potential sales, such as when they might happen, which cases might be included, etc. If you’re holding out hope for a case discount on CSGORoll, be prepared for a long and potentially fruitless wait.

CSGORoll Game Modes

CSGORoll offers a variety of ways to gamble with your coins. The focus is on fast-paced, visually stimulating games that rely on luck, not skill. While some games offer a «play for fun» option, not all do, limiting your ability to test them risk-free.

  • Many unique game modes
  • Demo mode in certain games
  • Slim possibility of hitting a jackpot
  • Lacks detailed descriptions of case contents and transparent odds
  • Fast-paced, visually stimulating games designed for addiction

Unboxing (Case Opening)

CSGORoll’s key offering to users is case unboxing to potentially obtain skins. Case opening is a form of gambling, and the value of what you get will likely be less than what you spend in the long run. CSGORoll provides some details about the potential contents of each case, but it’s important to be aware that this doesn’t guarantee what you’ll personally receive.

Some cases are inspired by existing skin collections, while others draw from games or pop culture, and you can also find a selection of official in-game CS2 cases.

Their case artwork might feel less sophisticated than some other skin gambling sites. CSGORoll doesn’t offer extensive filtering options for cases, so you’re mainly limited to sorting by things like price, popularity, and a few basic tags.

Case Battles

Case Battles places you against other players in a virtual case unboxing showdown, in which each participating player selects the same case and then opens it simultaneously. The player whose case contains the highest value in skins wins and takes the contents of both cases.

In Crazy Mode, the player who unboxes the lowest total value in skins wins the entire battle. If there’s a tie in Crazy Mode, a simple coin flip determines the winner, adding an extra layer of randomness.


CSGORoll’s «Roll» game features a jackpot, but it’s important to understand how it works and know your chances of winning. Every time you place a bet on Roll, a tiny fraction of your wager gets added to a growing prize pool. The jackpot is triggered when someone gets three Green rolls in a row. It sounds simple, but the odds are likely very low.

When the jackpot hits, it’s split into thirds, with one-third distributed each round a Green was rolled. If you bet on any of the winning Greens, you get a piece of that round’s prize pool. The higher your bet compared to others, the bigger your slice.

The jackpot grows because people lose most of their bets on Roll. CSGORoll doesn’t reveal how likely it is to hit three greens – it’s probably very rare. To reduce the risk of having to make big jackpot payouts, they’ve restricted you to betting on only two colors. Jackpots can be enticing, but don’t fall into the trap of chasing one on Roll, as the odds are stacked against you.


The «Cluck’n’Boom» game mode on CSGORoll takes the classic Minesweeper formula and adds a thematic twist. The goal is to reveal chickens, which earn you multipliers on your coins. However, hidden Molotovs lurk, ready to end your round and take your winnings.

Before each game, you select how many Molotovs to hide. More Molotovs mean higher potential multipliers and a much greater chance of a fiery end to your round. Click tiles to try and reveal chickens. Each successful reveal boosts your multiplier, giving you the option to collect your winnings or keep going for more.

The longer you play, the higher the risk of hitting Molotov and losing everything. It’s a balancing act between potential reward and increasing danger.

Cluck’n’Boom offers a chance to potentially multiply your coins quickly but comes with a corresponding risk of losing it all. If you enjoy the thrill of a gamble and understand the mechanics, it might provide some entertainment.


Crash pits you against a constantly increasing multiplier that can «crash» at any moment, wiping out certain bets. How to play Crash on CSGORoll? Choose between two modes:

  • Live Bet: This is the «safer» option. You place your bet and can manually cash out at any time, locking in your winnings based on the multiplier at that moment.
  • Fixed Multiplier: You choose a target multiplier, and your bet stays in until that multiplier is hit or the game crashes before you reach it. You can have multiple fixed bets going at once.

Once you put in a fixed multiplier bet, you’re stuck until the crash happens or you hit your target, increasing your risk. While it might feel like you can learn to predict crashes, the game is likely designed with a random algorithm, making that impossible.

Crash can be exciting due to the rapidly increasing multiplier, but the odds are against the player in the long term. It could offer a brief thrill if you enjoy a quick gamble and understand the risks.


CSGORoll’s Plinko takes that carnival classic and puts it right on your screen. Drop that puck, watch it bounce, and hope it lands in a big-money slot. Sounds easy, right? That’s the trick of Plinko – it’s so simple, it makes you think «just one more try!» Those near misses can be seriously addictive, making it hard to walk away, even when you know the odds aren’t really in your favor.


CSGORoll’s Dice seems like a straightforward bet — will it be high? Or low? Maybe you’ll even try predicting a specific number. But don’t be fooled, those dice rolls aren’t as random as they seem. CSGORoll’s got an algorithm behind the scenes, and those different betting options just make you feel like you’re in control when you’re really not. The fast pace of the game is designed to get you betting without thinking, hoping for that lucky roll that might never come.

CSGORoll Top Items & Cases

The most expensive case on CSGORoll is Atlas. It costs almost 54,000 coins and has a minuscule chance to drop legendary AWP | Dragon Lore, iBUYPOWER | Katowice 2014, and other iconic and rare items. While these cases and skins might be exciting to dream about, the vast majority of players will never own these ultra-rare items.

HIEROGLYPHIC Case, priced at 21,000 coins, features a 0.1% chance of getting the world’s most expensive skin: the Karambit | Case Hardened (#387 pattern). Other potential high-tier prizes include AK-47 | Fire Serpent, M4A4 | Howl, and AWP | Dragon Lore.

CSGORoll features these cases to create a sense of possibility, enticing players to risk their coins on the off-chance of striking it rich. In reality, the chances of actually unboxing those top-tier skins are incredibly low. It’s far more likely you’ll spend a fortune and walk away with something far less valuable.

Interesting Cases List

Cheapest PicksHigh Risk, High RewardMost Popular
Full SendAtlasAngel
PreyThe CraftsmanSapphire
Daily DubContent KillerLawnmower
Profit FarmShutdownGrapple
MelodyThe Chosen OneRed Alert
ClassifiedLife or DeathJackhammer
RiskGenesis Orbital CannonRush
The HammerUnderworldNoir

Safety & Legality: Is CSGORoll Legit?

CSGORoll emphasizes trust and transparency, but it’s important to approach these claims with a degree of skepticism. Their «Provably Fair» system may ensure that game outcomes are random, but this doesn’t guarantee favorable odds for players.

CSGORoll’s status as a skin-based platform might create a legal gray area, but the risk of losing valuable items is very real since skins actually hold real-world monetary value.

The presence of tools like KYC (Know Your Customer) and self-exclusion options is a positive step. Before making a significant deposit, it’s advisable to test their support team’s responsiveness and helpfulness with a simple query. This can provide valuable insight into the level of assistance you might receive if complex issues arise.

CSGORoll Scandals & G2 Partnership Break

CSGORoll doesn’t have a clean track record. Allegations of shady dealings and hidden odds have seriously damaged their reputation. It isn’t just internet drama – it had major consequences. They used to be partnered with G2 Esports, a huge name in the industry. That ended fast when the scandals broke, with G2 cutting ties to protect their own image.

This whole mess opened a lot of eyes in the esports world. Now, more organizations are thinking twice about partnering with gambling sites, and rightfully so. It’s a reminder that big names and flashy sponsorships don’t automatically mean a platform is legit. You’ve got to do your research because CSGORoll shows how quickly those partnerships can go south.

CSGORoll Payment & Withdrawal Methods

The minimum deposit on CSGORoll is 5 coins (€3.20 or equivalent of $3.50). If you have a promo code, you can get a 5% deposit bonus but don’t count on these being freely available. They accept various deposit methods, including credit cards, cryptocurrencies, PayPal gift cards, and Steam skins.

Deposit MethodsCredit cards, Steam skins, PayPal gift cards, Google Pay, ETH, BTC, USDC (ERC20), USDT (ERC20), LTC, XRP, DOGE, ADA, Bancontact
Withdrawal MethodsSteam Skins (P2P only)

However, the only way to withdraw from CSGORoll is by trading for CS2 skins using their P2P (peer-to-peer) system. There is no option to cash out directly. Initially, you’re limited to withdrawing 1000 coins worth of skins daily, plus whatever you’ve deposited that day. You can potentially request to withdraw more, but this triggers a manual review process that could cause delays.

CSGORoll’s P2P system isn’t automated, so you must actively participate in trades. There’s also a risk that the other trader might not have the skin you want, leading to further delays or refunds. Additionally, Steam has its own trading restrictions—if you don’t meet their requirements, you won’t be able to receive skins.

The system is designed to keep you locked into trading skins within their platform. Be aware of the potential delays and limitations, especially when it comes to withdrawals.

CSGORoll User Journey

CSGORoll is designed for quick entry and constant engagement. They don’t waste your time with a fancy website – it gets the job done, and you’ll be playing those flashy games in no time. Problem is, the excitement might wear off. The interface isn’t anything special, those skin prices are seriously high, and who knows if you’ll actually get help if you have a problem?
Plus, sometimes the site feels laggy, which kills the fun fast. The games themselves, especially those Case Battles, can be a thrill, but it’s a gamble if the rest of the experience will keep you coming back.

  • A versatile range of game modes, including several options for case battles
  • Simple interface
  • Over 10% markups on regular market prices of CS2 skins
  • The platform interface is sometimes laggy

User Interface & Usability

CSGORoll’s interface does the job, but don’t expect anything groundbreaking. The core elements – finding games, accessing your account, etc. – are laid out reasonably clearly. You won’t get lost, but the overall design lacks a modern, polished feel. CSGORoll uses simple visuals and some smooth animations throughout the interface.

The interface is unlikely to be a major selling point or a deal-breaker for CSGORoll. You might be disappointed if you’re looking for a slick, modern design.

Community Engagement & SMM

CSGORoll employs several tactics to keep users engaged on and off their platform. The live chat encourages interaction with other players but can also be a source of distraction or even negativity. They maintain a presence on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and now «Kick» with a mix of memes, news, and CS2 updates.

CSGORoll Customer Support

Their live chat system likely uses a combination of automated bots and human agents. This means you might initially interact with a bot, with the potential for being transferred to a human if your issue is complex.

You can also reach the platform’s support team using email: [email protected], but this method likely has a longer response time than live chat. Submitting a support ticket promises a response within 24 hours, but there’s no guarantee of a quick resolution.

CSGORoll provides the basics of customer support, but whether you’ll find it helpful depends on the nature of your potential problems and how quickly you need answers.

CSGORoll Glossary

  • Case Battle – a game mode in which players open virtual CS2 cases against each other, with the winner taking the contents.
  • Roll – a dice-based game with a jackpot element, built around betting on the outcome of virtual dice rolls.
  • Cluck’n’Boom – minesweeper-style game with a silly chicken theme, focused on revealing multipliers while avoiding hidden hazards.
  • Crash – a game where a multiplier constantly increases, with players risking it all to cash out before it «crashes.»
  • Plinko – a game in which you drop a puck into a pyramid of pins, hoping it lands in a high-value slot.
  • Gem – CSGORoll’s internal token used for specific purposes within their system.
  • Coin – the main currency used to play games and purchase cases.
  • Inventory – where you store skins on the CSGORoll platform.
  • P2P Trading – a «Peer-to-Peer» system, meaning skin withdrawals involve trades with other players, not an automated system.
  • RWT – «Real-World Trading» refers to the banned practice of selling CSGORoll items for real-world money.

Our Rating

CSGORoll has its upsides, but there are some seriously sketchy things to consider too. Here’s our breakdown:

Support: 4/5
Yeah, they’ve got ways to get help, and for basic stuff, they might be quick. But don’t count on them to solve a serious problem fast.

They have various bonuses like the Daily Reward and occasional promo codes. Free stuff is cool, but remember, it’s all designed to keep you playing (and spending).

User Experience: 3/5
The interface is functional but lacks polish compared to some competitors. It works, but it’s not pretty, and all those flashy updates and the pay-to-chat thing get annoying.

Safety: 2.5/5
Honestly, this is where things get ugly. The lack of transparency about odds and reliance on a P2P trading system that opens up scam risks raises serious concerns.

Game modes: 3.5/5
They offer a decent selection of games, some with unique twists, some are kinda fun to try. However, the lack of detailed information about odds or case contents is a red flag.

Total score: 3,4/5
CSGORoll might be suitable for casual entertainment or a quick distraction if you understand the risks and know what you’re getting into. But for anything serious? Hard pass.


You cannot withdraw cash from CSGORoll. The only way to get rid of skins you’ve won is by trading them for CSGORoll coins on their P2P marketplace, and then hoping another player has a skin you want.

CSGORoll doesn’t have a traditional subscription model.

CSGORoll claims to offer 24-hour support ticket responses, but experiences may vary. Live chat might get you quicker answers for simple questions.

CSGORoll’s system is designed to keep you locked into using their platform. By preventing direct skin withdrawals, they encourage you to keep playing their games or trade for other skins within their system.

CSGORoll has a Daily Bonus system where you can unlock cases by leveling up. However, reaching the higher levels requires significant playtime, and potential rewards might not be worth the time investment for everyone.

CSGORoll is a gamified Counter-Strike 2 skins trading platform. We exist to offer a safe place for players to win, buy and sell skins in a safe environment. We facilitate player-to-player trades to offer our community a fun way to buy, trade, or win new skins to play with.

CSGORoll offers various games of chance centered around obtaining CS2 skins, including case openings. They offer a variety of cases, some inspired by in-game CS2 cases, and others with unique themes.

In a Case Battle, you and another player open the same case. The player who receives skins with the higher total value wins and takes the contents of both cases. «Crazy Mode» flips this, rewarding the player with the lowest value.

Yes. CSGORoll has rules against things like Real-World Trading (selling skins for cash outside their system), using multiple accounts, and abusive behavior. Violating these rules can lead to an account ban.

Final Words

CSGORoll sells itself on the dream of getting awesome skins through their flashy games and trading system. But the harsh truth is, they keep the most important information hidden. You never know the real odds, and forget about easily cashing out if you do get lucky. Instead, you’re forced to play by their rules, trading on their marketplace, potentially getting stuck with skins you don’t even want. That takes away a lot of the fun of collecting CS2 skins.

If you value having full control over your inventory and the ability to buy and sell as you please, CSGORoll might end up leaving you feeling more frustrated than victorious.

CSGORoll Additional Details

Withdrawal Methods:
United States