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DaddySkins is an interesting website for opening CS2 cases. However, to determine whether it is trustworthy, let’s examine it and draw conclusions. Although it is not the largest website of its kind, it has already had 232,421,895 cases opened and has been visited by at least 1,700,000 players.

  • Very simple registration.
  • The platform also allows users to make withdrawals using crypto options like Bitcoin, Ethereum.
  • Games use a verifiable provably fair system.
  • 7 years in the market.
  • Cryptocurrency withdrawals are only available on the site DaddyCrypto
  • Offers email-based customer support

Let’s take a closer look at all aspects of the site.

Platform Uniqueness

At first glance, DaddySkins may not seem particularly remarkable among the many other case-opening sites. However, a crucial factor to consider is the site’s trustworthiness. It has been operating for over seven years, and the company diligently strives to uphold its reputation by promptly addressing any negative feedback on various review websites.

Another unique aspect of the site is its exclusive focus on CS2. Unlike other platforms that offer a variety of products, this one is dedicated solely to CS2, allowing the developers to channel their expertise and resources into providing a superior experience for CS2 enthusiasts. This dedication manifests in more frequent and high-quality updates, as well as engaging thematic events for CS2 players.

This site presents an excellent option for those seeking a reliable platform for case opening. With an extensive selection of cases available, you will surely find something that piques your interest.

The site’s true gem lies in its new «GUNFIGHTS» game, which is currently in beta testing. The exciting gameplay is accessible to anyone with a balance of at least $1, offering a unique and thrilling experience for CS2 fans.

Below, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the game’s rules.

Info from their site:

“DaddySkins team is proud to announce a brand new and unique game mode called ‘’Gunfights’’. It is created by our team with the goal of introducing a new interactive concept of a Player versus Player (PvP) game style, where people may compete against each other for a prize.

The winner’s prize will be the pooling of all the cases chosen respectively by the players that joined the match and it will be automatically unboxed at the end of the match. The prize pool will be multiplied by the number of users joining the game.

Players compete against each other, choosing the target of the gunfight range at the beginning of each round. The targets hide 6 ‘’hits’’ and 6 ‘’misses’’ of the body, with a total of 12 targets. The round is won when the opponent gets fatal damage equal to a total of 10 Health Points (HP).

The shots are done sequentially. For games with three or more (3+) players there may be two and more rounds, where the winners of the previous rounds fight against each other. Player that wins the final round gets the entire prize stake (the whole pool of cases). Losers get an incentive prize.”


DaddySkins, just like other case-opening sites, has its own bonus system for active players. You can expect pleasant bonuses when you top up your balance, and there’s also a bonus waiting for you if you invite friends using your referral link.

More details below.

Deposit Bonus

The site offers an engaging progression system for your deposits. Upon depositing $3, you’re rewarded with a free case, marking the successful completion of the first level.

Here’s a detailed table showing the required deposit amounts to reach subsequent levels:

Level 1$3
Level 2$25
Level 3$50
Level 4$75
Level 5$100


Regarding the partnership, it seems to us that it is more focused on the media space and on streamers or bloggers. After all, the amounts required to reach the levels are quite high. However, if you have wealthy friends or plan to advertise or somehow promote your referral link, then this may interest you.

As you can see, the first level isn’t a walk in the park. Stats say most users donate about $20 and call it quits.


The DaddySkins team frequently hosts exciting giveaways on their platform. However, it’s important to note that each giveaway has specific account requirements. In some cases, you only need to make a $2 deposit to participate. However, to qualify for giveaways with more substantial prizes, you’ll need to make a minimum of $100.

Giveaways List:

Prizes and their estimated valuesHow to enter
Desert Eagle | Naga (MW)  ~ 2.50$Deposit min $1.90 and Spend $5.70
AK-47 | Red Laminate (BS) ~ 42$Deposit min $7.05 and Spend $21.15
AK-47 | Cartel “StatTrak” (WW) ~ 41$To join giveaway you need to be at Free level 3 or higher
Hand Wraps | Spruce DDPAT (FT) ~ 123$Deposit min $99.99 and Spend $299.97
Bayonet | Gamma Doppler (FN) ~ 830$Spend at least $2999.99 on Case Openings

Every giveaway has its own unique closing time. For example, the latest and biggest giveaway lasts for a whole month, with the results only being revealed at the dawn of the following one.

Case Discounts

Most CS2 case opening sites run small promotions where users can grab their favorite cases at a discount, or conversely, cases that were previously too expensive fall under the promotion, giving the user a chance to try opening them.

However, after visiting the site for several days and scrolling through the pages of cases, we couldn’t find any offers that would give a discount on any case.

DaddySkins User Journey

DaddySkins strives to make your journey on the site simple and enjoyable. The site features various events, giveaways, and other opportunities that may be of interest to a new user.

  • A large and exciting list of cases conveniently sorted by price and theme. You can easily choose what interests you and not waste time searching.
  • Simple registration on the site is a real pleasure.
  • Games use a verifiable, provably fair system.
  • There is additional entertainment on the site besides the usual CS2 case opening.
  • A wide selection of payment systems allows you to top up your balance and withdraw funds easily.

Of course, all this is good, but let’s take a closer look at the site and its usability.

User Interface & Usability

Navigating the website is a breeze. The interface is so intuitive that even tech-shy grandparents could easily use it. The soothing color palette won’t strain your eyes, and the handy menu on the left always stays visible. It lets you jump back to previous sections or change the mode whenever you want without any hassle.

The CS2 case collection is a dream for anyone who loves organization. You can effortlessly filter cases by name, price, and popularity. One delightful feature is the ability to «like» individual cases that catch your eye. These likes are visible to everyone, so you can easily pick a case that has been a hit with the majority of users.

Customer Support

We’ve all encountered something confusing or simply an error. DaddySkins offers online support through a small window in the lower right corner to solve such situations. You can be sure to open a chat and receive a response from a support operator in a few minutes, but that’s not how it works here.

For a professional response to your inquiry or concern, it’s necessary for you to specify the nature of your issue and provide your email address, which can be rather inconvenient. Not everyone feels comfortable sharing personal information, let alone the inconvenience it entails.

Community Engagement

With seven years of operation under its belt, DaddySkins boasts impressive online traffic and unique visitor numbers. But what about the site’s reputation and reviews?

The reviews are actually quite good. On Trustpilot, the site has a 4.1 out of 5 rating, which is a solid result. More than 1200 people have written reviews on DaddySkins, and only 10% of them are negative.

It’s also worth noting that DaddySkins has responded to almost all of the negative reviews, either helping to resolve the issue or explaining the situation from their side. It shows that the company cares about its reputation and is willing to work to maintain it.

DaddySkins Statistics

Let’s dive into some stats about DaddySkins. After all, numbers matter to many, so let’s explore this aspect as well.

  • Cases opened: 232 612 509
  • Upgrades completed: 2 807 613
  • Total Users Count: 1 784 002
  • Average Online: 700
  • Trustpilot Score: 4.1
  • Trustpilot Reviews: 1,289

Media Activity

DaddySkins reigns supreme on social media, captivating audiences on Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok. They frequently post engaging content, with some TikTok videos racking up an impressive 2-4 million views. This level of engagement is a goldmine for attracting visitors to the site.

However, DaddySkins’s presence on other platforms is less impressive. Their YouTube channel has only around 60 views per video, and the last upload was a year ago. The Telegram channel has a modest 300 subscribers, and the Discord server recently reached the 2,000-member milestone.
And then there’s the «What’s New» section, which is more like a «What’s Not New» section. The last update was in 2020, making one wonder why it even exists. It’s an omission that undermines the site’s credibility.

Game Modes

Here, you’ll find four main types of games to satisfy your gaming appetite:

  • Case opening: This is a classic game where you open cases to receive various items, including valuable CS2 skins and weapons.
  • Upgrade: Once you’ve obtained items, you can upgrade them.
  • Two new and interesting games: The site also offers two new and exciting games that you might enjoy.

We’ll provide more details below.

Case Opening

Case Opening is a rather uninspired game mode that offers little in terms of excitement or uniqueness. Here, you may open one to five cases at a time, while competitors allow for up to 10 cases to be opened simultaneously. The chances of obtaining rare skins are laughably low, but more on that later.


It is an exciting mode that is available on most case-opening sites, and DaddySkins is no exception. The rules are simple: you and your opponent open the same cases, and whoever gets the more expensive item wins everything. Many people find this mode to be very exciting.


It is something really new! We’ve already described this mode briefly above, but let’s take a closer look at what it is. It’s a 6-player competition that’s somewhat similar to CS2, but instead of shooting at other players, you’re shooting at your opponents’ targets. The player whose target survives until the end wins. The bonus is that even the losing players receive a small prize.


And of course, the well-known Upgrade: you can try to improve your CS2 skins for a chance to get more valuable ones, but if you lose, you’ll lose everything!

Top Items & Cases

Now, let’s delve into the heart of the matter: the cases and their loot. What treasures await you within the best cases on DaddySkins? We’ve reviewed most cases and selected a few interesting ones that might catch your eye.

Interesting Cases List

We’ve divided the company’s cases into several segments. The first segment is «Most Popular,» which includes cases that users have approved and liked on their own. There’s also a column for cases that we personally like. And, of course, no list would be complete without the most expensive and cheapest cases. We’ve got those too!

Most PopularOur FavoritesMost ExpensiveCheapest


When it comes to site safety, it’s natural to be cautious. After all, you don’t want your personal information to end up in the wrong hands. So, is DaddySkins a safe site? All signs point to yes. The site has a strong security rating, with high marks for data protection, user reviews, and other factors. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about that.

For even more peace of mind, you can check out DaddySkins’s rating on scamadviser. If you are interested in more detailed information, scroll down a bit on the Scamadviser website, and you will see all the information about DaddySkins.

Security concerns aside, the question of the website’s legality lingers. On the surface, it appears to be above board, with a lengthy operational history and a trove of positive user reviews. Furthermore, it doesn’t require specific licenses, further bolstering its legitimacy.

However, before diving in, it’s crucial to check your country’s laws quickly. Some jurisdictions may have specific regulations or outright bans on using such websites. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Fortunately, DaddySkins takes user security seriously, making it a priority. It operates on a secure, SSL-encrypted connection, providing an additional layer of protection for your data. In conclusion, we have sufficient reason to believe the website is legal.

Economy & Fairness

We have already established that DaddySkins operates with a transparent drop system. You can see your chances of getting each CS2 skin laid bare for all to see. But let us delve deeper into these chances, their profitability, and whether they’re interesting.

There are many CS2 cases on the site, but let’s take LAST STONE as an example. You can get some really cool rewards, like Karambit | Fade, Butterfly Knife | Marble Fade, Karambit | Lore, Bayonet | Gamma Doppler, Karambit | Tiger Tooth, and Karambit | Case Hardened.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? There are so many expensive knives in a case for $50, but the chances of getting them are very, very low. For example, the chance of getting Karambit | Fade is 0.01%. Not much, is it?

However, the chance of getting the Glock-18 | Grinder is 40%, but it only costs $2. In more understandable terms, out of ten openings, you will almost be guaranteed to get the Glock-18 | Grinder four times, and you will be in the red. And with a 25% chance, you can also get a Glock-18 | Wasteland Rebel from this CS2 case, which costs $5.

You have to agree that the prospect is not the best. However, you can see all your chances of getting other skins, so it can be called very honest because if you won every time, such sites would not exist.

Our advice if you are going to use this site is to carefully examine the case you want and look at the chances of getting expensive items.

Comparative Analysis

Standing in the shadow of its competitors, DaddySkins definitely needs more development and growth to reach the same level. DaddySkins has the potential to become one of the best CS2 case opening sites, but everything takes time.

Our Rating

Everyone can evaluate DaddySkins for themselves. However, after conducting a detailed site analysis, reading reviews, and trying it out ourselves, we have our own assessment based on several important factors.

  • Safety: 5/5
  • Game modes: 3/5
  • User Experience: 3.5/5
  • Bonuses: 3/5
  • Support: 3.5/5

Overall Rating: 3.6/5

We made these conclusions: everyone can evaluate the site differently, but we compared it with the strongest competitors and believe that the rating is fair and decent.


Yes, you can withdraw both skins and сrypto from DaddySkins.

No, you won’t get banned for using DaddySkins or other CS2 case-opening websites. Don’t worry!

Final Words

DaddySkins is a reliable and enjoyable CS2 case opening site where you can try out classic case opening by choosing from a variety of CS2 cases, try new games, and enjoy the excitement of opening and winning.

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